Where Was American Horror Story: Double Feature Filmed?

American Horror Story‘ is an anthology horror series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The tenth season of the long-running show, titled ‘American Horror Story: Double Feature,’ is unique as it is the first one to feature two distinct storylines divided into two parts subtitled ‘Red Tide’ and ‘Death Valley.’ The first part takes place by the sea while the second is set in a valley.

The makers have selected some stunning locations that complement the themes and plotlines of each one. Curious to learn more about the scenic locations seen in ‘American Horror Story: Double Feature?’ Here’s everything you need to know!

American Horror Story: Double Feature Filming Locations

Principal photography on the first part of ‘American Horror Story: Double Feature’ commenced on December 2, 2020, and wrapped up by May 2021. Filming for the second part of the season began in July 2021 but had to be paused after a positive case of COVID-19 emerged on the sets. The production later resumed in August 2021. The tenth season was mainly filmed in parts of Massachusetts and California. Let’s take a close look at the filming sites of season 10!

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown, located in the Barnstable County on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, is the primary filming location and setting of the ‘Red Tide’ section of episodes for season 10. Dubbed “P-town,” the city is known for its beautiful beaches and harbors. Along with the countryside scenery, there is a number of inexplicable spooky events that have taken place in Provincetown. Both these factors make the town an ideal filming location for the horror drama series.

Some scenes were shot at The Mews Restaurant & Cafe on 429 Commercial Street, Coastline Tattoo Studio on 290A Commercial Street, and Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum at 1 High Pole Hill Rd. The Winthrop Street Cemetery, West End breakwater, and Old Colony Path Trail appear in some scenes. Filming also took place at 103 Commercial Street and Race Point Beach. The Provincetown Carnival, a weeklong celebration of the life and culture of the LGBTQ+ community, is a popular tourist attraction.

Oxnard, California

Some portions for the tenth season were filmed in Oxnard. The seaside town is located in the Ventura County of California and lies some 60 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. The show’s art team remodeled specific parts of the town to fit the aesthetics of the story. The cast and crew shot a Halloween-themed episode in the town. Oxnard is known as a major agricultural and transport hub.

Malibu, California

The cast and crew also visited Malibu to film some scenes for the first part of season 10. Filming took place near the iconic Malibu Pier in the city. Malibu is located in Los Angeles County, near the Santa Monica Mountains. The city is home to some popular celebrities and is known for its beaches and nightlife.

Port Hueneme, California

Some sequences for season 10 were shot in and around Port Hueneme, a beach city in Ventura County. The city of Oxnard and the Santa Barbara Channel lie around the border of Port Hueneme. The name of the town is derived from a Ventureño phrase that means “Resting Place.” Tell us that doesn’t spook you out!

Bel Air, California

A sizeable portion of principal photography for the tenth season took place in Bel Air, a neighborhood in western Los Angeles. Filming took place at private properties in the area, mainly around the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Culver City, California

The production crew visited Culver City, located in LA County, to film some important scenes. The cast and crew shot some footage near oil fields in the city located in the vicinity of Jefferson Boulevard. The city is a popular filming destination and is home to many film and television production studios.

Other Locations in California

The filming of ‘American Horror Story: Double Feature’ also took place in a California desert and near Hollywood Boulevard. Some scenes were filmed in Concord, a city in Contra Costa County of California. It is likely that some interior sequences were also shot on soundstages at Fox Studio Lot, a studio complex at 10201 Pico Boulevard.

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