American Murderer: All Shooting Locations of the 2022 Film Explored

‘American Murderer’ is a drama film that revolves around Jason Derek Brown, a clever con man who executes a series of scams, and in the process, comes into the crosshairs of the FBI. On his trail is special agent Lance Leising, who is willing to do anything it takes to put Brown in Jail. Based on the true story of con artist Jason Derek Brown, the film is directed by Matthew Gentile and features the talents of Tom Pelphrey, Ryan Phillippe, Idina Menzel, Paul Schneider, and Shantel VanSanten. But just where has this true crime story been captured? Read on and find out!

American Murderer: Where Was it Filmed?

‘American Murderer’ was lensed entirely on location in Utah, specifically in Salt Lake City. Principal photography was on a tight schedule and finished in just 22 days, in November 2020, during the pandemic. A dangerous situation, but both the cast and crew were able to make it through. Utah is well known for its abundance of natural mountains and other rock formations – including the Grand Canyon. Many films and television shows that are set in the Wild West, or require a more rugged feel to them, have been produced in the city. Now, let us take a look at the exact filming locations!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and was the primary location for the filming of ‘American Murderer.’ The most populous city in Utah, the bustling urban landscape is home to many of Utah’s production and post-production companies. The city was used to tape ‘American Murderer’ mainly for its location in the Southwestern region – as it acts as a stand-in for Phoenix, Arizona in the film – as well as the tax incentives that are provided by the state of Utah to productions that are done entirely within its territory.

When asked about why he chose Salt Lake City for the production of ‘American Murderer,’ director Matthew Gentile said to the Utah Film Commission that “At first, it was because my producers told me about the tax incentive. When my cinematographer and I went to visit however on a preliminary scout courtesy of Derek Mellus [Utah Film Commission’s Production Manager], it immediately became clear that this was the perfect place to tell our story. It had the look and feel we were going for, with the Southwestern Americana landscapes.”

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