Where was American Reunion Filmed?

‘American Reunion’ (also called ‘American Pie: Reunion’) is a 2012 sex comedy film and the fourth iteration of the wildly hilarious and popular ‘American Pie‘ films. It follows a group of high school friends who meet up years later at their school reunion and reminisce about their wild times back in the day. However, things haven’t changed much, and soon the antics begin in earnest, making things as chaotic as they were years ago.

Set amidst the quaint small-town backdrop where the film’s central characters grew up and had hilarious adventures grappling with their burgeoning sexuality, the film is a perfect slice of nostalgia. The calm setting also makes their ridiculous antics seem all the more boisterous, and fans of the film series will spot multiple familiar locations from previous iterations. But where was this film shot? The answer might surprise you! Here are all the filming locations of ‘American Reunion.’

American Reunion Filming Locations

‘American Reunion’ was filmed in Georgia, with a few scenes apparently lensed in California. Most of the principal photography was carried out on location, and the production team used a variety of spots in Georgia to stitch together the film’s backdrop of a small Michigan town. Filming reportedly began in May 2011 and wrapped up in August 2011. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used to bring the movie to life.

Atlanta, Georgia

Filming for this comedy movie predominantly took place in and around the city of Atlanta, including Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. The six-acre park, located at 91 Peachtree Street, is a city icon but seemingly stood in for a park in Michigan during filming.

Monroe, Georgia

The production team moved to different areas in Metro Atlanta, most notably to Monroe. The city stands in for the film’s setting of East Great Falls, Michigan. An eatery named Coffee Camper Co. on 101 North Broad Street Suite B was modified to look like the Dog Years Coffee Shop where the gang used to hang out in their younger days. The bar scenes were reportedly shot at nearby 128 South Broad Street.

Conyers, Georgia

The production team spent time in the city of Conyers, where lensing took place at Heritage High School. Located at 2400 Granade Road South West, the school’s football stadium and band room were used for filming multiple scenes. A few sequences were shot in Olde Town Conyers, which is the city’s historic district. It is situated at the Historic Train Depot on 901 Railroad Street. As per reports, Costley Mill Park at 2455 Costley Mill Road North East and a warehouse on Sigman Road also feature in the movie.

Covington, Georgia

Newton High School, located at 1 Ram Way in the city of Covington, was used extensively for filming. Lensing was done in the school’s football field, gym, common area, and hallways, with up to 200 extras in some scenes.

Cumming, Georgia

One of the last locations that the production crew spent time shooting in is the city of Cumming, where Mary Alice Park on 1820 Mary Alice Park Road and the adjoining Lake Lanier were used as a stand-in for Lake Michigan. Sources revealed that about 100 extras were used for filming some of the scenes around the lake.

Long Beach, California

The film crew also seemingly moved to California to shoot some brief but crucial scenes at Jim’s dad’s house, which is the site of many memorable awkward moments. The house at 4153 Cedar Avenue in Long Beach was reportedly used for the on-location lensing of scenes depicting Jim’s family house.

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