Where Was Cut Throat City Filmed?

Set after Hurricane Katrina, ‘Cut Throat City‘ follows four friends who find themselves in deep trouble when they reluctantly turn to a local gangster for help. When Blink, Miracle, Andre, and Junior lose everything to the natural disaster, they agree to pull off a heist to turn their life around. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and the guys find themselves on the run as detectives and the neighborhood warlord try to hunt them down. The movie is set in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, and if you are wondering whether it was also filmed there, we’ve got you covered!

Cut Throat City Filming Locations

‘Cut Throat City’ was shot on location in New Orleans, Louisiana. Principal photography began in December 2017, and the film finished production before the pandemic hit. Here are the details about the filming locations!

New Orleans, Louisiana

The director, RZA, was adamant about filming in the Ninth Ward because he felt that the location was an essential part of the narrative. Another reason behind this decision is his sense of responsibility that a film crew must do something that is “beneficial to the community” of a place that serves as a filming location. This is why some of the proceeds from the film were donated to a non-profit organization, Lowernine.org, that works on the long-term recovery of the Lower Ninth Ward following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The Ninth Ward is geographically the largest ward in New Orleans and is located in the city’s downtown area. Before Hurricane Katrina hit, the Lower Ninth Ward had the highest percentage of black homeownership in New Orleans. The city is known for its rich architectural styles that reflect its multicultural heritage. For the film, RZA used real locations as far as possible. Although real homes of the locals were used for most of the family scenes, only Lawrence’s house was a set constructed by the production team. For this, they built a shack in the Ninth Ward itself.

The Saint’s lair in the movie is actually a church, which serves as an appropriate juxtaposition since his character is religious but also a crime lord. Tourism is vital to the economy of New Orleans and accounts for approximately forty percent of the city’s tax revenues. The city is known worldwide for its distinct music, cuisine, dialect, and annual festivals. The video below gives us a glimpse into some behind-the-scenes action as the cast members talk about their experience of working with RZA.

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