Where Was Dreamer Filmed?

Directed by John Gatins, ‘Dreamer’ is a sports drama movie that follows Ben Crane, a horse trainer who neglects his duties as a father in order to devote more time to his profession. He chances upon an injured horse named Soñador, who is ill-treated by its evil owner, so Ben adopts the hurt creature. Along with his daughter Cale, he prepares the horse for a racing tournament.

The movie is a true story adaptation of an injured Thoroughbred racehorse called Mariah’s Storm. The racing sequences are a treat to the eyes, and most of the film takes place outdoors. If you’re curious to know where it was shot, here is all that we know about its filming locations!

Dreamer Filming Locations

‘Dreamer’ was filmed across a few areas in Kentucky and Louisiana. Both the states are known for their natural scenery, and the film makes the best use of it. The principal photography for the film took place around September 14, 2004. If you’re curious to know more, here are a few updates for you!


‘Dreamer’ was shot in the central Kentucky area, featuring locations such as Marshall’s Backstretch Diner in Frankfort and Woodford County’s Ashford Stud. The central region is the hub of major entertainment, where creative souls emerge every once in a while. One of the best parts about Kentucky is its historic roadways. A good portion of the movie progresses in Lexington.

For a few racing scenes, the Keeneland Racetrack located at 4201 Versailles Road was used as the primary venue. The director admitted that he had contacted Keeneland President Nick Nicholson two years prior to the filming of the movie. His decision to shoot the movie in Lexington was not just due to its economic feasibility but also because the place complements the aesthetic he wanted.


Other scenes were shot in Louisiana, also a place that befits the director’s vision for the movie. A horse ranch called Franklinton located at St. Tammany Parish stood in as the Crane’s home. Hence, the movie remains true to the storyline. According to the script, Cale spends her childhood on a Louisiana farm. Other locations include Lafayette, Folsom, and New Orleans.

Mariah’s Storm, Johannesburg, and Grand Slam are real horses, but they did not actually assist in filming. The stalls were occupied by their substitutes. In the film, Oded Fehr’s character Prince Sadir states that his horse, Rapid Cat, is sired by Storm Cat, who is the absolute best in his profession. It turns out that Mariah’s Storm, the actual inspiration behind Soñador, was bred to Storm Cat in real life.

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