Where Was End of Days Filmed?

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jericho Cane, ‘End of Days’ is an action horror movie revolving around the return of Satan to Earth as the end of the century approaches. It centers upon the life of former New York Police Department detective Jericho who finds himself pulled into a horrific religious conundrum right after he saves a banker from a deadly assassin. As Satan searches for a woman to bear his child, Jericho must step up and protect an innocent young woman named Christine York, who is the chosen woman to conceive the Antichrist.

Besides Arnold, the Peter Hyams directorial consists of stellar performances from a group of talented actors, including Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tunney, Kevin Pollak, Rod Steiger, CCH Pounder, Miriam Margolyes, and Udo Kier. The eerie music of the 1999 film is complemented by the dark visuals against the backdrop of various gritty sites as well as the churches where the prayers and battle against Satan take place. Since most of the movie unfolds in the dead of the night, it adds to the sinister vibe of the film. So, if you are interested in knowing where it was filmed, we have got you covered!

End of Days Filming Locations

‘End of Days’ was filmed in California and New York, particularly in Los Angeles County and New York City. According to reports, the principal photography for the action film commenced in early November 1998 and wrapped up in early May 1999. Now, let’s not waste any time and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that make an appearance in the movie!

Los Angeles County, California

Major portions of ‘End of Days’ were lensed in different sites across Los Angeles County, despite the story being set in NYC. The exterior of the closed movie theater was shot at Tower Theatre at 802 South Broadway, while the dark passageway scene immediately inside the closed movie theater was recorded in Belasco Theatre at 1060 South Hill Street, both in Downtown Los Angeles. As for the interiors of the Vatican City, they were taped in Los Angeles Theatre at 615 South Broadway, also in Downtown LA.

Hotel Barclay at 103 West 4th Street in Los Angeles can be spotted in the backdrop of the gripping car chase scene right after Thomas Aquino shoots the man. The filming unit set up camp in the old Herald-Examiner newspaper building at 1111 South Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles to shoot the scene where the Devil uses force on his chosen bride during a Satanic ritual. Moreover, they utilized the New York Street backlot in the Universal Studios at 100 Universal City Plaza in Universal City to record the New York restaurant exterior shots.

Three LA churches — Immanuel Presbyterian Church at 3300 Wilshire Boulevard, St. James’ Episcopal Church at 3903 Wilshire Boulevard, and St. Vincent Catholic Church at 621 West Adams Boulevard — feature in ‘End of Days.’ Out of these churches, St. Vincent Catholic Church was used to tape the final confrontation scene between good and evil, where Satan rises out of the floor like a bat-like beast.

Apart from the aforementioned locations, the cast and crew visited several other locations in California to tape portions of the film. Some of the sites that make an appearance in the film are the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden at 301 North Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia, Linda Vista Hospital at 610 South Saint Louis Street in LA, the neighborhood of San Pedro, and the census-designated place of Altadena.

New York City, New York

Since the movie unfolds in New York City, it is only understandable that the production team of ‘End of Days’ shot several important portions on location. The Manhattan borough of NYC served as the primary filming site for the horror movie. For instance, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Madison Square Park at Madison Avenue & East 25th Street, 72nd Street Subway Station, West 72nd Street & Broadway, Times Square, and Park Avenue & East 53rd Street feature in different parts of the film.

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