Where Was Father Christmas Is Back Filmed?

Helmed by director duo Philippe Martinez and Mick Davis, ‘Father Christmas is Back’ is a quirky holiday comedy film on the roster of Netflix. The movie centers on feuding sisters who reunite in a Yorkshire mansion for Christmas. The feud reaches a boiling point, unearthing the deep-rooted discontentment that once tore their family apart. However, they are in for a surprise with the unexpected return of their long-lost father.

Painted with a festive ambiance, the story revolves around the themes of family and community. The movie features a talented cast ensemble including Elizabeth Hurley, Nathalie Cox, and Kelsey Grammer. Most of the story unfolds in the family mansion, and if you seek to know the locations where the movie was shot, let us take you to the places.

Father Christmas Is Back Filming Locations

‘Father Christmas Is Back’ was filmed in its entirety in England, specifically in Yorkshire. Production wrapped up on September 22, 2020. England proves to be ideal territory for television and cinema productions due to its abundance of natural and artificial landscapes. It offers production studios of global standards and a slew of highly skilled technicians. Eligible cinematic productions get a maximum of 25 percent tax rebate on their production expenditure, which the producers find highly lucrative. Let us now take you to the specific locations that feature in the film.

East Riding of Yorkshire, England

The movie was primarily filmed in and around the East Riding of Yorkshire, the picturesque county located in northern England. The crew particularly filmed several sequences in Howden, a scenic market township in East Riding of Yorkshire. A scene was presumably filmed at Atkinson Bakers, a bakery shop located at 27 Market Place in the central market square of Howden.

The history of Howden dates back to 959 AD, when King Edgar gifted the Howden Manor to his first wife, Ethelfleda. To shoot the film, the production team transformed parts of the town to depict the festivities of Christmastime.

North Yorkshire County, England

Additionally, the crew visited York, a walled city in North Yorkshire County, to film some critical scenes. The city that ancient Romans founded is now a central tourist hub in the region. If you ever visit York, it would be imperative not to miss the iconic York Minster that flaunts Gothic architecture.

You may also take a walk on the City Walls that expands on both sides of the River Ouse. According to sources, the production team filmed significant scenes in the Birdsall Estates Co Ltd, a Grade II listed building in the Birdsall area of Malton, in North Yorkshire County.

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