Where Was Ghostbusters Afterlife Filmed?

The grounds of the peaceful town of Summerville are shaking, and ghosts may be related. Writer-director Jason Reitman helmed supernatural comedy ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife,’ the fourth film in the famous ‘Ghostbusters’ franchise. Technically, it comes as the third installment in the original franchise created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis since the 2016 film is considered a reboot and not a progression of the original storyline. It follows Trevor and Phoebe and their mother as they are compelled to move into the dilapidated house of their late-grandfather in the rusty Oklahoma town of Summerville.

In the course of the film, they discover their grandfather’s ghost trap. Ghosts come out in the open with the discovery, much like the Manhattan Crossrip of 1984 in the original movie. The movie garnered widespread acclaim for its performances, musical score, and direction, while critics were keen to point out the eagerness of the film to please the original fans. The story is taken from big city New York to a small-town setting, which lends it another layer of intrigue. However, if you are curious about the locations where the movie was filmed, let us guide you to the places.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Filming Locations

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ was filmed extensively in Canada, specifically in Alberta. Principal photography commenced on July 12, 2019, under the working title ‘Rust City,’ while it was wrapped up by October 18 of the same year. For the production team, the newly renovated tax credit program of the provincial government was a game-changer. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the film was shot!

Calgary Region, Alberta

While the cinematic story is supposed to unfold in the Oklahoma town of Summerville, there is no such place on the map of Oklahoma. The cast and crew filmed most parts of the movie in and around the Canadian province of Alberta, especially Calgary and the surrounding Rocky View County. Some scenes were filmed in the Walmart Deerfoot City Supercentre, a large departmental store located at 1110 57 Avenue North East in Calgary.

The studio location used for the movie is Calgary Film Centre, a vast production facility located at 5750 76 Avenue South East #10 in the city. The production team created a thrilling ambiance in the sound stages of the studio. Several sequences were filmed in the premises of W.G. Murdoch School, a senior secondary school located at Box 750, in the Crossfield township of the Rocky View County. In one scene, Mr. Grooberson helps Phoebe and Podcast activate the archaic ghost-trap. The scene was filmed in the parking lot adjacent to the school.

The production team further ventured into Beiseker, a village in the outermost part of the Calgary Metropolitan Region, located 70 kilometers northeast of downtown Calgary. The movie also features the Turner Valley Gas Plant, an oil and natural gas plant located at Sunset Boulevard South East, in the Turner Valley township of Calgary Region.

The crew filmed some scenes in Ng’s Café, an eatery once located at 210 6 Street in Beiseker. However, the famous Chinese joint is now out of business. A few scenes were recorded at another food joint called Apple Pie Café in the same area. Once situated at 202A 6 Street in Beiseker, this café is also permanently closed.

Dorothy, Alberta

The crew extensively toured small-town southern Alberta over the summer of 2019. Some scenes were filmed in and around the spooky hamlet of Dorothy in the region, located 85 kilometers northwest of Brooks. In one scene, the kids retrieve their grandfather’s Ectomobile and drive it through a cornfield; the scene was filmed in this village. A sequence also features the historic Dorothy Ferry Bridge, situated on Highway 848 over the Red River in the same region. A few more scenes were filmed along Highway 848.

Drumheller, Alberta

Scenes were also filmed around the desolate town of Drumheller, which lies in the Starland County of the province. In one particular scene, the kids hang out by a canyon. While the region may have some resemblances to the rough terrains of Oklahoma, the scenes were filmed by the Horsethief Canyon, 16 kilometers northwest of the town of Drumheller, in the Alberta badlands. The crew filmed additional scenes along Highway 570.

Fort MacLeod, Alberta

Well, you are perhaps getting eager to know the town that stood in for the fictional Summerville in the movie. Fort MacLeod, a picturesque town in the southwestern region of the province, doubled as the Oklahoma town in the film. Some scenes were filmed near the Empress Theatre, a historic not-for-profit theatre located at 235 24 Street. A hair-raising ghost hunt sequence was filmed along 24 Street and 2 Street, while another scene was filmed near the Java Shop. Once a café located at 2310 2 Avenue in the town, the venue has been permanently closed.

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