Where Was Good on Paper Filmed?

‘Good on Paper’ is a refreshing romantic comedy film that decidedly does not have the happy ending people expect. Following the life of a frustrated stand-up comic who thinks she’s found love, only to be duped repeatedly, the film finds countless opportunities for comedy. A lot of the hilarity stems from Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger), the protagonist, making the rounds of film studios, trying to get her big break in the world of television. As Andrea chases her boyfriend around town, trying to uncover his mysterious life, we see recognizable locations throughout the film. Let’s take a look at where ‘Good on Paper’ was filmed.

Good on Paper Filming Locations

‘Good on Paper’ was filmed in California. With the film following the life of a comic artist, its backdrop features multiple venues and establishments from the state’s entertainment and television circuit. The production also undertook a significant amount of indoor filming that was done on location, with some scenes shot in a production studio. Principal photography started on November 4, 2019. Here are the specific filming locations of the off-beat rom-com!

Los Angeles, California

‘Good on Paper’ is set in Los Angeles, California where Andrea is based. At the start of the film, she mentions how she and her now (frustratingly) famous friend Serrena (or Serena) came to LA in their younger days to make it in show business. We see her make the rounds of multiple studios, all of which remain nameless but are located in Los Angeles. Additionally, the Hollywood neighborhood of central Los Angeles, as well as other parts of the city were used for location filming of the romantic comedy film.

The Comedy Store, located at 8433 Sunset Boulevard on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, is one of the LA comedy clubs that we see in the film. It is where we see Andrea perform her set, to hearty laughs and applause. Her friend Margot’s bar is also shown to be around the corner, though the scenes set in the interior of the bar could have been filmed at a different location.

Setting the film in LA allowed the filmmakers to use the city’s many commercial and residential locations to build a convincing backdrop for the movie. The fact that the story is set amidst the television and comedy circuits of the city makes the use of actual locations a prudent choice and helps add authenticity to the narrative. Similarly, scenes of the airport where Andrea first meets Dennis and their conversation on the flight were also filmed in Los Angeles.

The film has a lot of indoor scenes which were filmed on location. This includes the pub that Margot runs, as well as the training gym that she and Andrea work out at. There are also a few scenes filmed inside the house that Dennis is discovered to be living at with 2 female roommates. The everyday city locations make for a fitting backdrop to the romantic woes of the stand-up comic turned hopeful actress and give the film an air of authenticity.

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