Where Was Hallmark’s Home for Harvest Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Andrew Cymek, ‘Home for Harvest’ (2019) is a Hallmark romantic comedy film. The plot revolves around Katie, a travel writer, who discovers that she has to write her next piece on her hometown. Years ago, she left the place heartbroken and thought she had gotten rid of all the painful memories. However, soon after her return, she runs into her ex, the cause of her pain and misery all those years earlier. This time, however, there is a new man in town.

‘Home for Harvest’ is a light, breezy, and undeniably Hallmark film about love, community, and nostalgia. It celebrates life in a small town, and like most other Hallmark movies, has a picturesque setting despite the limited budget. If you are wondering where the filmmakers shot the film to accomplish this, we got you covered.

Home for Harvest Filming Locations

Set in the town of Greenville during what is supposed to be the harvest season, ‘Home for Harvest’ was predominantly filmed in and around the east-central Canadian province of Ontario. Filming likely took place between October 2018 and April 2019. Now let’s look at the filming locations in detail.

Port Perry, Ontario

A considerable portion of the film was shot in Port Perry, a community located in the township of Scugog, Ontario. Several scenes were shot at Nature’s Bounty Farm, a gorgeous orchard located at 651 Scugog Line 2 in Port Perry. Situated 84 kilometers (52 miles) northeast of Toronto, Port Perry is the administrative and commercial center of Scugog.

The town has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century when settlers began to arrive in the area. The first known settler was Reuben Crandell, who was a United Empire Loyalist. In 1821, he and his wife set up the first homestead in the area. In the following centuries, Port Perry garnered a reputation as a holiday destination because of its Victorian-era downtown. ‘Reacher‘ and ‘Hemlock Grove’ were also filmed in Port Perry.

Pontypool, Ontario

Pontypool is an unincorporated village that is part of the amalgamated city of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. Some of the scenes of ‘ Home for Harvest’ were shot here. Pontypool’s history also goes back to the 19th century. By the time the first census was conducted in 1835, farmers were already living in the area. The town was named after the namesake town in Wales.

Pontypool was once a vacation spot for the Jewish people. There is a 2009 horror film titled ‘Pontypool’ by Bruce McDonald. Set in the titular town, the film was developed from the 1995 novel ‘Pontypool Changes Everything’ by Tony Burgess.

Uxbridge, Ontario

A few scenes of ‘Home for Harvest’ were reportedly shot in Uxbridge, Ontario. A township located in the Regional Municipality of Durham in south-central Ontario, Uxbridge is known as the “Trail Capital of Canada” because of the more than 220 kilometers of managed trail located inside a protected greenspace of over 8,000 acres (32 km2).

Home for Harvest Cast

The plot of ‘Home for Harvest’ revolves around the love triangle between Katie, her ex Chad and the new man Noah. Brigitte Kingsley essays the lead character of Katie in the film. She made her small screen debut in an episode of ‘Game Nation’ in 1996. Kingsley debuted on the big screen with the 2000 film ‘Frequency’ and has continued to appear in films and TV shows, carving out a space for herself in the world of entertainment with projects such as ‘Dark Rising: The Savage Tales of Summer Vale,’ ‘Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds’ ‘Christmas with a View’ and ‘My Boss’ Wedding.’

Troy Blundell stars as Chad, whereas Landy Cannon portrays Noah in the movie. Andrew Cymek, who is Kingsley’s husband, Kingsley, and Cannon have worked together on multiple projects, including the ‘Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds.’ Blundell has also established himself as a talented actor and is recognized for his work in ‘The Devil’s Due,’ ‘Killjoys,’ and ‘Picture Perfect Romance.’ As for Cannon, the native of Oshawa, Ontario, began his career with the 1997 film ‘The Real Blonde’ as “Beach Boy.” Some of his known works are ‘The L Word,’ the short film ‘Gloria’ and the feature film ‘My Wacko Parents.’

The cast also includes Alys Crocker as Paige, Cory Lee as Willa, Dan Karpenchuk as Frank, Vas Saranga as Mr. Peters, Winny Clarke as Mary, O’Connor Matthew Desmond as Michael, Neil Whitely as Mr. Carlisle, and Diane Johnstone as Mrs. Carlisle.

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