Where Was Hallmark’s The Wedding Contract Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Hallmark’s ‘The Wedding Contract,’ directed by Peter DeLuise, is a romance film that revolves around Rebecca and Adam. Both of them are excited to plan their Jewish wedding. While Rebecca is more in tune with her Jewish heritage and culture, Adam, an ambitious ad executive, is slightly more concerned about his promotion. The plans become even more complicated when Adam is given a new ad campaign to spearhead which might cut into their wedding schedule.

But things might not turn out all that bad when the would-be married couple’s mothers decide to join hands and teach their children what to prioritize in a relationship. With not that many Jewish weddings that are seen on-screen, many of our readers might be wondering about the authenticity of the film, as well as where it might have been captured. Worry not, for we have the answers for you!

The Wedding Contract Filming Locations

The entirety of ‘The Wedding Contract’ was lensed on location in British Columbia. As part of Hallmark’s “June Wedding” roster, the preparation for the shoot commenced quite early in the year on February 27, 2023. The principal photography began in full swing around March 20 and was wrapped up after a few weeks on April 10, 2023.

British Columbia boasts a diverse landscape, majestic mountain ranges, and a coastline, making it the ideal location for both film and television productions. British Columbia is also known for its well-developed public transit system, airports, and highways — all of which make it easier to move filming equipment at a moment’s notice from one place to another. Now, let’s take a look at the exact filming locations.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The seaport city of Vancouver in British Columbia has long been the preferred location for many Hallmark films. The majority of the filming took place in the city, including the pivotal wedding sequence. A blend of modern and historical architectural styles, as well as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the Great White North, Vancouver has long been sought after by filmmakers for its ability to act as a stand-in for many of the major metropolises around the world.


The abundance of production facilities, as well as the monetary incentives provided by the government to filmmakers, also add to the city’s allure as a filming location. Speaking on the importance of representing a Jewish couple in a Hallmark film, actor Jake Epstein told TV Insider, “The fact that this is a Jewish story is important to me as a Jewish person. I come from a family of Holocaust survivors on my mom’s side. That culture is so important to me. And I feel like the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve been interested in being able to tell stories that are connected to who I am.”

Epstein added, “I think the Jewish element to this just felt really personal for me and pretty special to be part of.” When asked about how ‘The Wedding Contract’ is different from other Hallmark films, the actor continued, “It’s unique. Every other Hallmark movie I’ve ever seen is sort of about the love story. In this case, it is the love story, but in a way, it’s more human. Yes, romances can happen, but what happens next? What’s the reality of families meeting? Will they get along? Job stuff, does that get in the way of the relationship? It’s kind of a really loving portrayal of a real love story.”

Langley, British Columbia

‘The Wedding Contract’ was also taped in Langley City. The happy couple can be seen jogging together in one of the many parks which the city boasts of, with its well-paved trails and fresh-cut grass. It is also in this park that Adam proposes to Rebecca.

The Wedding Contract Cast

‘The Wedding Contract’ features Becca Tobin and Jake Epstein in the lead roles as Rebecca and Adam, respectively. Becca is a singer, dancer, and host, and she started her acting career as Kitty in the hit television series ‘Glee.’ As for her career with Hallmark, the actress has starred in Tobin has starred in films ‘A Song for Christmas’ and ‘Love at First Dance.’ She is also known for hosting the celebrity podcast ‘The Ladybug.’

Actor Jake Epstein, on the other hand, is best known for his roles both on screen and on stage. Thus far, he has worked in musicals such as ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,’ ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,’ ‘Spring Awakening,’ and ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical.’ The most famous of his on-screen work includes Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ in which he portrays the role of Alphonso/Sparrow Number Four. Joining the two of them in ‘The Wedding Contract’ are veteran actors that include Laura Soltis, Colleen Wheeler, Morgana Wyllie, Barry W. Levy, and Michael Benyaer.

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