Where Was Hell or High Water Filmed?

‘Hell or High Water’ is an Oscar-nominated Western heist film that follows brothers Toby and Tanner Howard. They find themselves in a riveting game of cat and mouse with Texas rangers Marcus Hamilton and Alberto Parker after they rob two branches of the Texas Midlands Bank. The action movie takes viewers through rocky and dusty terrains as Toby and Tanner’s act of desperation leads to more complications in their lives.

The visuals do justice to the genre as the setting is quite characteristic of the best Western titles. Therefore, one can’t help but wonder where this cinematic marvel has been shot. In that case, what we have learned might interest you!

Hell or High Water Filming Locations

‘Hell or High Water’ was primarily filmed in New Mexico as well as parts of Arizona. It is interesting how the flat and wide landscapes unmistakably look like Texas, but the production team managed to pass off the abovementioned locations as the Lone Star State. As per sources, production was carried out from May 2015 to July 2015. Now, allow us to take you through the various places that bring the movie to life!

Clovis, New Mexico

Clovis serves as an important production site for the Western crime film. The first bank robbery takes place at Texas Midlands Bank, Archer City. This sequence was shot on 1106 North Main Street, Clovis, which actually happens to be the office of the internet service provider called Suddenlink. In the robbery sequence, you may even recognize the cross-shaped windows of St. James Episcopal Church, which is seen opposite the building of the fictitious bank.

The robbers change their plan at the last minute and decide to rob the bank in Post. This sequence was lensed at 901 Pile Street, which actually happens to be where the Western Bank of Clovis is situated. The diner called Bill’s Jumbo Burger in the movie is indeed a hamburger joint of the same name, but on 2113 North Main Street in Clovis. The heist sequence in Olney was lensed in Portales, which is part of the Clovis-Portales Combined Statistical Area. In this scene, the action takes place at the James Polk Stone Community Bank.

Albuquerque Metro Area, New Mexico

A number of important sequences were shot in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. The New Mexico Bank & Trust on 320 Gold Avenue Southwest Suite 100, Albuquerque, stands in for the Texas Rangers headquarters in the movie. If reports are to be believed, the office space was put up for sale in the first half of 2021. At the same time, Route 66 Casino and Hotel (14500 Central Avenue Southwest, Albuquerque) appears as Oklahoma’s Comanche 66 Casino.

The production team also ventured to other parts of the Albuquerque Metro Area. The eatery where Marcus Hamilton and Alberto Parker are compelled to order the T-bone steak was the Blue Ribbon Bar & Grill on 315 5th Street in Estancia. It seems that the establishment is no longer in function. The motel scene where the Rangers book a room is the Sunset Motel on East 501 Route 66, Moriarity. It lies 35 miles east of Albuquerque.

Other Locations in New Mexico

The cast and crew utilized several other places in New Mexico to bring the film together. A few sequences were lensed in the city of Tucumcari in Quay County. Moreover, the hairpin bend that Hamilton and Parker come across on the way to Post is New Mexico’s highway 156 near the Caprock Escarpment. The shootout sequence between Tanner and the Rangers was filmed using the To’hajiilee Indian Reservation as the backdrop. Another significant sequence was lensed at Alamogordo Valley in Guadalupe County.

Graham County, Arizona

Although most of the Western crime film was shot in New Mexico, Graham County in Arizona also played an important role in the production process. According to sources, the cast and crew were spotted filming in Safford, which is the county seat of Graham County and the principal city of the Safford Micropolitan Statistical Area. In addition, a few scenes were reportedly taped in the town of Thatcher.

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