Where Was Hunt Her, Kill Her Filmed?

Directed by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen, ‘Hunt Her, Kill Her’ (originally titled ‘Night Shift’) is a horror thriller movie that follows a newly appointed night shift janitor, Karen, alone during the first night on the job. However, during her late-night duty, she finds herself in the company of a group of masked intruders that have infiltrated the factory with nothing but murder on their minds. As Karen fights for survival, she must be clever and use her instincts to survive the night and live to see another day.

The gripping and thrilling narrative, coupled with the impressive onscreen performances of a talented cast comprising Natalie Terrazzino, JC Oakley III, Larry Bunton, Philip Zimny, and Trevor Tucker, keeps the audience enthralled in the movie from the beginning to the end. Moreover, the dark visuals against the setting of an eerie factory at night complement the sinister themes of murder and violence that are predominant throughout the narrative. Thus, it is natural for many of you to wonder where ‘Hunt Her, Kill Her’ was shot. Lucky for you, we have gathered all the details to put your curiosities to bed!

Hunt Her, Kill Her Filming Locations

‘Hunt Her, Kill Her’ was filmed entirely in Tennessee, specifically in Morristown. Situated in the Southeastern United States, the State of Tennessee is the 15th most populous state in the country. Given the state’s diverse terrain and landforms, it makes for a suitable production location for different movie and TV projects, including ‘Hunt Her, Kill Her.’ Now, without wasting time, let’s follow Karen on her night shift as she dodges the deadly attacks from the masked killers, and learn all about the specific sites that are featured in the thriller movie!

Morristown, Tennessee

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Hunt Her, Kill Her’ were reportedly lensed in Morristown, a city in and the county seat of Tennessee’s Hamblen County. In particular, the cast and crew members set up camp inside a functional furniture factory in the city to shoot most of the scenes for the Natalie Terrazzino starrer. Located in the upper region of East Tennessee in the Tennessee Valley, Morristown’s economy is driven by several sectors, including manufacturing, retail, and real estate.

Also known as Mo’Town, the city hosts multiple festivals, including Morristown Strawberry Festival, Mountain Makins Festival, and Morristown Craft Beer Festival. Besides, it is home to numerous historical sites and landmarks, such as Crockett Tavern Museum, Morristown Cemetery, Rose Center, Bethesda Presbyterian Church, General Longstreet’s Headquarters Museum, and Morristown Main Street Historic District. Furthermore, Morristown and the surrounding areas have various parks and recreational sites. Some are Cherokee Park, Frank Lorino, Fred Miller, Panther Creek State Park, Fulton-Hill, Cherokee Reservoir, and several golf and disc golf courses.

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