Where Was JJ+E Filmed?

Helmed by Alexis Almström from a script borrowed from the acclaimed Swedish novel ‘Vinterviken’ by Mats Wahl, ‘JJ+E’ (originally titled ‘Vinterviken’) is a steamy, spirited, and riveting teenage romance drama. The liberating story revolves around the lives of two protagonists in budding love, Elisabeth and John John. They come from different walks of life – culturally, socially, and economically – but get to know each other after being admitted to the same high school.

They embark upon a liaison, but when Elisabeth’s strict father becomes an antagonist in their relationship, they must refigure the ways of the world. The score is guiding, and the sleek Swedish touch adds a dark and cozy ambiance ideal for blooming hearts. Rising stars Mustapha Aarab and Elsa Öhrn play the central roles in the endearing romance drama. Packed with captivating visuals, the story ends with a reflective note.  Now, in case you’re wondering where the movie was filmed, allow us to take you to the locations!

JJ+E Filming Locations

‘JJ+E’ was filmed in locations in and around Sweden, especially Stockholm. The Netflix original movie is both set and filmed in Sweden, and it is not the first attempt by the streaming giant to cater to the European market. Reportedly, the EU is buckling up to issue the mandate that 30% of all Netflix content shown in the EU must be originating from the EU.

Therefore, we hope to see more European shows and movies on the streaming platform in the future. With the revenue these productions are bringing to the European territory, the deal seems to be a win-win for everyone. Some of these European gems act as a refreshing palate cleanser in the crowd of productions filmed in Canada and the US. Without further ado, let us now take you to the specific locations where the film was shot!

Stockholm, Sweden

The film’s story revolves around two passionate teenagers in Stockholm, and this is where the production was based. The entirety of the movie was filmed in and around locations in Sweden’s cultural, economic, and political capital. The crew primarily filmed the film in Vinterviken, a bay by the Mälaren lake in southern Stockholm. The story is set in the same region, and the area is also rich in history. Alfred Nobel established his research laboratory in the same bay.

Sprawling across an extensive archipelago spread over the Baltic Sea, the city and county seat of Stockholm features temperate weather and vast coastal stretches, which seem to be ideal for filming purposes. In the past, several acclaimed productions, including ‘The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘The Square,’ were filmed in the same region.

If you are visiting anytime soon, you must check out the Nobel Museum and the iconic architecture of Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace. Hop on a ferry and take a tour of the islands, but don’t get contracted with the Stockholm Syndrome!

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