Where Was Kim’s Convenience Filmed?

‘Kim’s Convenience’ is a sitcom developed for television by Ins Choi and Kevin White based on Choi’s eponymous play. The series follows the lives of a Korean-Canadian family, the Kims, who own and run a small convenience store in the Moss Park area of Toronto. If the Kim family’s hilarious antics and the show’s settings have given you a homely vibe, you must be looking for more details about the locations that feature in the series. Well, look no further, as we have gathered all the details of the show’s filming locations for you, right here!

Kim’s Convenience Filming Locations

‘Kim’s Convenience’ is primarily set in Toronto, Canada, and all five seasons of the show were filmed in the city on-locations and on soundstages like most sitcoms. The first season was shot from June 2016 to August 2016, and the shooting of the fifth (and final) season commenced in early 2020 and wrapped up in November 2020. Let’s take a detailed look at the filming sites of the show.

Toronto, Ontario

Production of ‘Kim’s Convenience’ mostly took place in Toronto. Almost all interior scenes of the show were filmed on soundstages at Studio City Toronto (previously known as Showline Studios), a studio complex located at 915 Lake Shore Boulevard East. The property offers various production facilities, which are spread over an area of more than 80,000 sq ft.

Apart from the indoor scenes, the production crew regularly veered into the heart of Toronto, capturing the city’s combination of Georgian and postmodern architectural styles while filming numerous outdoor sequences. Mimi Variety, a convenience store located at 252 Queen Street East, in the Moss Park area, about 10 kilometers from the studio complex, stands in as the exterior facade for the titular store. The interior of the store has been replicated on the soundstages.

The “Kim’s Convenience Store” sign seen in the series retains the style of the original store’s sign and most of the other aesthetics. Furthermore, the store has kept the signboard installed during filming and proudly calls itself Kim’s Convenience. The Moss Park neighborhood of Toronto is home to various ethnic groups and previously held a reputation of being one of the unsafest neighborhoods in the city. Since the show’s release, the area attracts many tourists, and Mimi’s Variety has become a popular tourist spot.

Some sequences were filmed in and around Moss Park area, mainly at Barrio Cervecería, a Mexican restaurant at 884 Queen Street East; Pro Glo Paints at 943 Queen Street East, and parts of the Queen Street East & Boston Avenue intersection. A few scenes were also filmed at the Ontario College of Art & Design University located at 100 McCaul Street in Toronto.

Other outdoor locations featured in the show include Grange Park between Beverley Street & McCaul Street, Alexandra Park at 60 Ryerson Avenue, Toronto Vietnamese Victory Church in North York, and Butterfield Park. Some scenes were also shot in the Kensington Market area and Daniels Spectrum, a cultural center situated at 585 Dundas Street East.

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