Knock at the Cabin: Where Was the Thriller Movie Filmed?

Based on the 2018 novel titled ‘The Cabin at the End of the World’ by Paul G. Tremblay, ‘Knock at the Cabin’ is an apocalyptic thriller movie that revolves around a family of three — a girl and her parents — who come on vacation to an isolated cabin in the woods to spend some quality time together. However, their peace and quiet are interrupted when four armed strangers come knocking at their door and hold them hostage. The strangers demand the family to make an almost impossible choice — sacrifice one of their own — in order to prevent an upcoming apocalypse.

Before it’s too late, the family must decide what they believe in and make a choice. co-written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the psychological thriller film includes enough thrilling elements, a suspenseful atmosphere, and nail-biting drama to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats from the beginning to the end. At the same time, one is bound to wonder where the cabin and other sites that feature in ‘Knock at the Cabin’ are actually located. If you are such a curious soul, you might be interested in what we share!

Knock at the Cabin Filming Locations

‘Knock at the Cabin’ was filmed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, specifically in Burlington County and Philadelphia. As per reports, the principal photography for the Dave Bautista starrer commenced in April 2022 and wrapped up in June of the same year. So, without wasting any time, let us take you through all the specific sites that feature in the thriller movie!

Burlington County, New Jersey

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Knock at the Cabin’ were lensed in Burlington County, the largest county in terms of area in New Jersey. During principal photography, the filming unit set up camp in the city of Burlington, which is also a suburb of Philadelphia, and the Townships of Tabernacle and Southampton. During the production process, the cast and crew members were spotted taping several key scenes in and around the Evergreen Dairy Bar at 1643 NJ-70 in Southampton Township and one of the churches in the county.

As for the location of the primary set, it was reportedly about a 30-minute drive from downtown, in a suburb of Philadelphia. The author of the novel on which the film is based on, Paul G. Tremblay, was interviewed by Inverse in January 2023. During the conversation, he was asked about the appearance of the set when he got the opportunity to visit it himself. He said, “They built two cabins. For exterior shots, there was a cabin in the woods somewhere just over the Pennsylvania–New Jersey line. And for the interior shots, they built a second cabin inside a warehouse.”

Tremblay added, “It was so stunningly beautiful that it hurt my New England heart. I was like, Man, so they’re just gonna tear this down. Can I take this cabin and put it on a lake somewhere in New England? It was explained to me that in the warehouse, they can better control the lighting instead of having to wait around for sunset or for dusk. I cannot tell you how realistic it was to be inside the cabin with lighting as if it were late afternoon. It was like my brain was being fooled. It felt like late afternoon but outside the window was just a concrete warehouse.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Additional portions of ‘Knock at the Cabin’ were also taped in Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania. From the looks of it, the production team seemingly traverses through different sites of the city to record various key scenes against suitable backdrops. Also known as Philly, the city is famous for its arts, cuisine, culture, and history.

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