The Man with My Husband’s Face: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

The Danny J. Boyle directorial, Lifetime’s ‘The Man with My Husband’s Face,’ is a thriller film that revolves around a married couple, Katrina and Heath, who leads a picture-perfect life. Things turn upside down when Heath disappears during a kayaking trip, and everybody, including Katrina, assumes that he must have drowned. But when she catches a glimpse of her husband in a crowd, a strange series of events unravels that puts everything she knew about her husband on the line.

Originally titled ‘Man with My Husband’s Face,’ the thriller movie takes place in a number of different settings, including the couple’s house, the hospital where Heath gets admitted, and the street where Katrina comes across a man who looks exactly like her husband. So, it is understandable why many of the viewers might be eager to learn about the actual filming sites of ‘The Man with My Husband’s Face.’ If you are one such curious soul, allow us to fill you in on all the necessary details!

The Man with My Husband: Where Was it Filmed?

‘The Man with My Husband’s Face’ was filmed in Georgia, especially in and around Atlanta. The principal photography for the Danny J. Boyle directorial reportedly commenced in October 2022 and seemingly wrapped up within a month or so, in November of the same year. Thanks to its diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna, Georgia works as a suitable production site for different kinds of film projects, including ‘The Man with My Husband’s Face.’ So, let us walk you through all the specific locations where Katrina tries to unravel the truth about her husband in the Lifetime movie!

Atlanta, Georgia

Also known as The City in a Forest, Atlanta served as the primary production location for ‘The Man with My Husband’s Face’ as the filming unit utilized the locales and facilities of the city to lens several pivotal sequences for the thriller movie. For taping some of the interior scenes, the filming unit possibly set up camp in a sound stage or two of one of the film studios situated in and around Atlanta. Some of them are Tyler Perry Studios, Trillith Studios, Shadowbox Studios, and EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

On the other hand, as far as the exterior portions of the film are concerned, they were mostly recorded on location in different neighborhoods and streets against suitable backdrops. So, it is highly likely that you and many other viewers would spot various interesting and popular landmarks and attractions in the background of a few scenes, such as the World of Coca-Cola, the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

There are quite a lot of valid reasons Atlanta works as an ideal production location for many filmmakers. Although Southern California is considered the main hub of the Hollywood industry due to its natural landscapes, Atlanta and the surrounding areas possess similar environmental and atmospheric benefits that work in favor of the filmmakers.

The Man with My Husband’s Face Cast

Koko Marshall portrays Katrina, while Thomas Gipson essays the role of Katrina’s husband, Heath, in the Lifetime thriller. The former might seem like a familiar face to many of you, as she has been featured in various film projects over the course of her acting career. For instance, Koko stars in ‘Solid Rock Trust,’ ‘The Get Together,’ ‘A Perfect Host,’ ‘Infamously in Love,’ and ‘Her Counterfeiter.’ As for Thomas Gipson, you might recognize him for his prominent roles in ‘Hider in My House,’ ‘Saving Savanna,’ ‘Hollow’s Ridge,’ ‘Mysteries at the Museum,’ and ‘Deadly Affairs.’

Other actors who play supporting yet pivotal roles in the thriller movie are Katie Page (Prisca), Steve D’Angelo (Officer D’Angelo), Benjamin David Dennis (Detective Felix Brand), Hope Everhart (Officer Everhart), and David Horseman (Officer Horseman). In addition, Courtney Humphrey (Z), Julie Meacham (Officer Meacham), Noah Shelnutt (Officer Shelnutt), Ben Swilley (Ligotti), and Ley Wynne (Sergeant Wynne) feature in the Lifetime film as well.

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