Where Was My Best Friend’s Wedding Filmed?

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is a romantic comedy film that revolves around two best friends – Julianne (Julia Roberts) and Michael (Dermot Mulroney). Years ago, they made a pact to get married to each other if they remained unmarried by the age of 28. About to turn 28, Julianne is surprised to get a call from Michael. But he drops the news about his marriage that is scheduled to happen in four days. Julianne realizes that she’s in love with him and is alarmed at the thought of losing him forever.

Therefore, Julianne decides to sabotage her best friend’s wedding and comes up with a string of plans that end up in a pool of chaos. ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is engraved in the heart of Hollywood as one of its most memorable movies of all time. Julia Roberts’ impactful “bad-girl” routine made an unlikely yet remorseful villain out of Julianne, who would outdo herself every time in her efforts to stop the wedding. But let’s discuss its filming process. Where was this beautiful rom-com filmed? Here’s everything we know.

My Best Friend’s Wedding Filming Locations

The movie commenced filming on June 10, 1996, and wrapped up on September 19, 1996. It was primarily shot in Chicago, Illinois. Let’s get into details!

Chicago, Illinois

The movie was filmed at a few well-known spots in Chicago, Illinois. Julianne’s entry in Chicago happens at one of the most crowded air terminals in America, the O’Hare International Airport, where she is greeted by Michael and his fiancee Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). The airport is situated about 17 miles northwest of Chicago. Kimmy comes from a wealthy family, and her father owns the Chicago White Sox. Julianne meets him at the Guaranteed Rate Field (known in the movie as Comiskey Park), located at 333 West 35th Street, which is their home stadium.

In one scene, Kimmy goes to her dad at the Union League Club, situated at 65 West Jackson Boulevard in Downtown Chicago, an exclusive social club that has been operational since the 1860s. When Julianne exhausts all her plans and efforts, she sends for her friend George (Rupert Everett), who shows up at The Drake Hotel, 140 East Walton Place at Michigan Avenue.

Image Credit: Hoosier Tim’s Travel Videos/YouTube

The movie also features the Chicago River, where Julianne and Michael share one last moment of intimacy. Another scene wherein Kimmy and Julianne shop for china was captured at the old Marshall Field’s store, which is now Macy’s State Street, located at 111 State Street. On the morning of the wedding, a brunch is hosted at Kimmy’s parents’ sprawling property. This location is the Cuneo Mansion and Gardens, situated at 1350 North Milwaukee Avenue (now part of Loyola University). The area is in Vernon Hills, about 35 miles from Chicago.

After confessing her love to him and chasing him across the city, Julianne desperately searches for Michael. She finds him in the Great Hall of Chicago Union Station, situated at 225 South Canal Street. It is also the scene where Julianne admits to all her manipulative tactics. The final scene with Michael and Kimmy’s wedding is filmed at the Fourth Presbyterian Church, situated at 126 East Chestnut Street.

Culver City, California

A few scenes were also filmed at the Sony Pictures Studios, located at 10202 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City. The studio is also known for taping several beloved TV shows such as ‘The Goldbergs,’ ‘Ray Donovan’, and ‘Shark Tank.’

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