Netflix Noise: Where Was the Movie Filmed?

Co-written and directed by Steffen Geypens, Netflix’s ‘Noise’ is a Belgian-Dutch mystery thriller movie that follows an influencer and young father named Matt who moves into his childhood home with his wife Liv and their newborn child Julius. Soon, he finds out a dark secret about his father’s past, which leads him to go deeper down the rabbit hole and start a thorough investigation into it. As Matt delves deeper into the case, he discovers various family secrets and soon starts losing his mind, leaving his wife concerned about him.

So, Liv does everything in her power to bring Matt back from his obsession with his family’s past into the present before she loses him completely. The thriller drama film, featuring stellar onscreen performances from Ward Kerremans, Sallie Harmsen, Johan Leysen, Jennifer Heylen, and Daphne Wellens, unfolds in the setting of Matt’s childhood home, with the dark visuals in some eerie locations that Matt explores reflecting the deeply buried dark secrets of his family’s past. In a way, the places Matt searches for answers also work as characters in the movie. So, if you are interested in learning where ‘Noise’ was filmed, we have got you covered!

Noise Filming Locations

‘Noise’ was filmed in Belgium, seemingly in Brussels and surrounding areas. Principal photography for the drama film supposedly commenced in May 2022 and wrapped up in the summer of the same year. Now, without taking much of your time, allow us to take you to all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Netflix movie!

Brussels, Belgium

The production team of ‘Noise’ probably set up camp in Brussels and a few surrounding areas to lens most of the pivotal sequences for the Ward Kerremans starrer. It appears that the scenes involving Matt’s childhood home where he moves in with his wife and child were mostly taped on location in one of the chateaus situated in and around Brussels. The Brussels-Capital Region is home to a large number of castles and chateaus, such as De la Hulpe Castle, Rivieren Castle, Karreveld Castle, De Viron Castle, and Hoeilaart Castle.

In order to shoot most of the exterior scenes, the director and his team traveled around Brussels and found a bunch of locations that make suitable backdrops in the mystery movie. Moreover, as for some key interior portions, they possibly utilized the facilities of one of the film studios located in the region. The movie is also able to showcase the diverse architecture that Brussels is known for, with Matt’s childhood home working as a reference point for the other sites and locales featured in the film. Over the years, many filmmakers have utilized the locales of Brussels for the production of their film projects. Some of the notable movies and TV shows shot in Brussels are ‘On the Edge,’ ‘Black Beach,’ ‘Liaison,’ and ‘The Missing.’

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