Bird Box Barcelona: Where Was the Netflix Movie Filmed?

A spin-off of the 2018 Sandra Bullock starrer ‘Bird Box,’ which in itself is based on the 2014 eponymous novel by Josh Malerman, Netflix’s ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ is a Spanish post-apocalyptic horror thriller movie that begins with a mysterious and powerful force taking over the psyche of people all across the globe, making them take their own lives by just looking at it. Amidst all the chaos and destruction, the narrative focuses on Sebastián and his daughter, Anna, who form an alliance with other survivors.

Together, the crew navigates the ruined streets of Barcelona, looking to find a safe haven to protect themselves against the unseen creatures. The suspenseful atmosphere of the thrilling story is matched ideally by the desolate state of Barcelona, where the story is based. So, it is natural for you to wonder where ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ was shot. In that case, we have got you covered!

Bird Box Barcelona Filming Locations

‘Bird Box Barcelona’ was filmed in its entirety in Spain, particularly in Barcelona and its surrounding areas. As per reports, principal photography for the spin-off movie commenced in November 2021 and wrapped up in February 2022. Now, without much ado, let us take a look at all the specific locations that portray the dystopian cityscape of Barcelona in the Netflix film!

Barcelona, Spain

Since the story of ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ is set in the Catalonian city, the production team of the film set up camp on location in Barcelona in order to make the narrative seem more authentic and immersive for the viewers. They traveled across the city and made sure to redecorate several streets in order to capture the essence of Barcelona through the Gothic architecture and the iconic narrow alleyways. The movie includes several aerial or drone shots of the city in destruction, mostly the squares and rooftops of Barcelona.

While the characters are blindfolded for the most part of the film, the viewers get a good look at some of the popular landmarks and diverse neighborhoods, be it in a post-apocalyptic state. For instance, the Vila de Gràcia neighborhood features in the movie, but apart from that, you might also be able to spot other local attractions like the Sagrada Família, the Torre Glòries, the Arc de Triomf, the Venetian Towers, the Palau Nacional, and La Rambla.

Having spent most of his life in the streets of Barcelona, Mario Casas, who portrays Sebastián in the movie, had quite a few things to say about seeing the city in a post-apocalyptic makeover during a conversation with MovieWeb in July 2023. He stated, “There was great work from the crew and the production department and Netflix. They literally destroyed some of the streets of Barcelona. I came on set, and there were literally three streets that were deserted and destroyed, and of course, there’s a green screen and there are other special effects, but there’s a huge deal of reality.”

Mario expanded further, “People may watch the film and think that it’s digital, but there’s so much that is real, and it was amazing, the talent of the crews in Spain. I think that’s why so many people are coming from abroad to shoot here.” Moreover, besides ‘Bird Box Barcelona,’ the City of Counts has hosted the production of various films and TV shows, such as ‘Marrowbone,’ ‘The Orphanage,’ ‘Cold Skin,’ and ‘Enemy of the People.’

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