How to Deal With a Heartbreak: Filming Sites of the Netflix Movie Revealed

With Joanna Lombardi at the helm, Netflix’s ‘How to Deal With a Heartbreak’ (originally titled ‘Soltera Codiciada 2’) revolves around the life of María Fe as she navigates the trials and tribulations in her professional and personal life as a 32-year-old woman. The Peruvian-Argentine comedy film is a sequel to the 2018 film ‘How to Get Over a Breakup’ and is adapted from the eponymous blog and book by María José Osorio. After the world gets hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, María finds herself at the center of a deep existential crisis and returns to find refuge at her parents’ place.

María is crushing under the weight of writing her second novel and meeting the submission deadline set by her publishing house. The lack of hope and inspiration coupled with the existential dread makes it challenging for María to maintain her sanity, owing to which she ends up making some terrible decisions concerning matters of her heart, career, and life, in general. At the same time, her friends – Natalia and Carolina – are dealing with their own set of issues.

While Natalia is prepping for tying the knot with Santiago, Carolina sets up a new venture. Aside from the compelling performances of the main cast members Gisela Ponce de León, Karina Jordán, and Jely Reátegui, and the intriguing storyline that highlights the struggles of adulthood and finding a sense of self, the film is also packed with stunning scenic visuals that will make you wonder where was it filmed.

How to Deal With a Heartbreak Filming Locations

‘How to Deal With a Heartbreak’ was entirely filmed in the Republic of Peru, specifically in and around the city of Arequipa in South America. The production for the Peruvian comedy film commenced in the middle of November 2022 and continued for about five weeks before wrapping up towards the end of December of the same year. All in all, filming took place for a total of 26 days and the cast and crew had a lot of fun on the set. Curious to know more about the shooting process and the locations that served as the filming sites for the movie? Well, let’s delve right into it!

Arequipa, Peru

For the purpose of filming, the cast and crew of ‘How to Deal With a Heartbreak’ settled for the city of Arequipa, in the Southern Coastal region of Peru. From the narrow streets, dome-shaped monuments, tree houses, and local landmarks, to the shots of the snowy volcanoes, the filming crew utilized several spots in the area. The second week of filming in the largest city of the Arequipa Region involved at least a day of night shoot wherein the team worked from 2 pm in the day to 2 am at night.

The cast and crew members thoroughly enjoyed the production process and shared several behind-the-scenes snippets on their social media accounts as a testament to the fact. Arequipa is renowned for its delectable cuisine, rich culture and history, and colonial-era architecture mostly embellished with white volcanic stones which earned it the title of the White City. It is also home to Colca Canyon, which is the world’s second-deepest canyon. It is possible that a few sequences were likely shot in Lima, the capital city of Peru.

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