12 Best Funny Movies On Hulu Right Now

Comedy films that will bring joys to our lives, even for fleeting couple of hours. They are loved by all, from part-time movie goers to passionate cinephiles. While some comedy films are sprinkled with light, crisp humour that will crack a smile on the most serious of faces, others are funny enough to leave you rolling on the floor. If you have been scrolling for a while, undecided of what you want to see next, we are here to help you. Hulu stores hundreds of films, from drama and science-fiction to horror and romance, not to mention the abundant selection of comedies.

Movies in this genre can differ 180 degrees from a romantic comedy to black comedy. Having that said and taking into account the different comedy genres that have been laid out and explored by our beloved filmmakers, here is the list of top funny movies on Hulu for every humour-hungry film lover. If you were wondering what are the really good comedy movies on Hulu, we might have an answer. Here they are.

12. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

The story of ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ is really nice and kind of has a serious tone. I watched this movie after I had already watched ‘Deadpool 2’, so I recognized Julian Dennison. He has given a good performance in this movie. He plays the role of Ricky in this movie who is a problematic child from the city. Hector and Bella are country folks. They are tasked with taking care of Ricky as his foster parents. Though at first there are some issues. But after a few tweaks, everything seems fine. Unfortunately, good times doesn’t last long as Bella suddenly dies. This leaves Hector to take care of Ricky alone. The only problem though is that Ricky and Hector don’t get along and after the death of Bella the child service decides to take Ricky back to the orphanage. But Ricky is reluctant to go back and runs away. This results in a nationwide manhunt.

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11. Ingrid Goes West (2017)

I was kind of skeptic about this movie. But the movie is quite nice with Aubrey Plaza giving a nice performance. The plot of the movie is good and is quite relatable at present times when social media has become widely popular and for the majority of us it is an important part of life. The movie is kinda funny but can also be considered as social commentary. Aubrey Plaza plays the role of Ingrid Thoburn who is a social media stalker. Her new interest is a famous social media influencer named Taylor Sloane played by Elizabeth Olsen. Taylor’s life seems so perfect and great on Instagram and Ingrid is quite into it. She starts stalking Taylor. She decides to move to LA and slowly starts growing close to Taylor. But everything is going to change soon as things go from normal to extreme pretty quickly.

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10. The Monster Squad (1987)

This is a really nice and funny movie. Some people may call it a low budget film but come on, it doesn’t have any effect on the fun factor. We get a glimpse of how kids try to solve a problem by finding unique solutions and how much different their views are from an adult. The movie tells us that Count Dracula and his gang of monsters survive an attack from Van Helsing. This was due to a magic amulet. This story is from years ago. Count Dracula is back now and wants to get his hands on the amulet. He gathers his old gang back and asks them to find it. The events that follow are a mummy vanishes from a museum, a man goes to the police and asks to be locked up claiming he is a werewolf. One of the policeman’s kid hears the story and relates it to the monsters. He gathers all his friends to find a solution to stop the monsters. Thankfully, they have Van Helsing’s journal, but everything is in German. So what will they do now?

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9. The Night Before (2015)

I mean the list would be incomplete if I don’t include at least one movie including Seth Rogen. I don’t know if you guys love him or hate but I enjoy his movies a lot and he will be in here a couple more times. This movie also has a couple of other good actors. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of Ethan, Anthony Mackie is in it as Chris while Seth Rogen plays the character of Isaac. Ethan, Isaac, and Chirs are close childhood friends. They have been spending Christmas Eve together since the death of Ethan’s parents. Lately, they have been just partying and doing drugs on Christmas. But now they have grown up. Chris is a famous footballer and Isaac is trying to become a father. They decide to meet for one last time and have a blast. The night starts okay with the group having fun eating and doing karaoke. But Ethan has secured the tickets for one of the most popular Christmas parties known as the Nutcracker Ball.

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8. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

This one is a comedy classic. It is one of the best satirical comedies that I have seen. It showcases how people thought back then. I mean people were really insecure during the Cold War. The two superpowers could clash anytime and people constantly feared Nuclear weapons. The movie takes the theme of cold war and turns it beautifully into a black comedy. The story is simple. An American General with a suggestive name Jack D. Ripper goes a bit loony and orders a secret nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. It is so secret that none of the people involved in making war decisions no about it. With efforts practically failing to recall the bomber back the president and various other advisors including a former Nazi Dr. Strangelove gather together in the war room to discuss their strategy. They soon learn that the Soviet Union has some kind of doomsday device which will be activated in case of a nuclear attack annihilating the entire Earth. Will they be able to call back the bomber? Or is it imminent doom?

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7. This is the End (2013)

I love Seth Rogen movies because they are just intended to be funny. There’s no deep revelation or any inspirational thing to be learned (other than one movie on this list which he stars in). The plot is simple and the characters have been designed to automatically entertain you. Yes, if you only like some witty and subtle comedy like the previous one then steer clear of this one. The movie has some really popular celebrities. Basically, all the characters in the movies are the actors playing themselves. Seth is Seth, Jay Baruchel is Jay Baruchel and so on…you get the gist. Jay comes to LA to hang out with Seth and smoke some weed. But then Seth drags him to the housewarming party of James Franco. Jay reluctantly agrees to go. Here, we are treated to various other famous actors in some really hilarious sequences. But disaster strikes and it looks like the biblical apocalypse has begun. Now, the actors need to survive this apocalypse all the while trying to go to heaven. Also, watch out for the scene with Danny McBride and James Franco talking about cum.

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6. Super (2010)

I liked ‘Kick-Ass’ and I liked ‘Super’ but I am gonna stick with ‘Super’ for now since I watched it much more recently. Both films are kind of similar in how they portray the world of superheroes. They go all practical and show how hard it really is to become a vigilante and fight crime. What happens when the boundaries are blurred? What should you do when you yourself are breaking the law by being a vigilante? Rainn Wilson is great in the movie as Frank Darbo who is sad when his girlfriend dumps him for a drug dealer. After watching Christian TV, he decides that he will become a vigilante and stop crime. He creates his costume and gets on the road with his weapon being a pipe wrench. He is joined by Libby, a clerk at a comic book store, played by Ellen Page. Will the duo be able to get Frank’s girl back?

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5. Frank (2014)

Black comedies are fun but also has that subtle humor which is what I need at times. ‘Frank’ is one of the good black comedy movies that I have watched recently. The film might feel a bit weird as you are clearly hearing Michael Fassbender’s voice but can’t see his face. The movie tells of a character named Jon who aspires to be a songwriter. He ends up joining a band with eccentric members. The leader of the band is Frank, the titular character of the movie played by Michael. He wears a big mask on his head and never removes it. Then there is Clara played by Maggie Gyllenhaal who is quite eccentric herself. During one of the band’s performances, she breaks her instrument and leaves the stage. It seems as though Jon might not have made a great decision by joining this band.

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4. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

I don’t really understand why people didn’t like ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’. I enjoyed it a lot. Jim Carrey was hilarious with his slapstick comedy and it was a really entertaining movie. Look I get it the plot isn’t that engaging and Jim Carrey might come off as trying cheap comedy. But I guess that was the point. It is a movie for teenagers and young adults to watch and laugh. It is not portraying anything real or relatable. Jim Carrey portrays the character Ace Ventura, who is the only detective of his kind. He is a pet detective. Ace has an in-depth knowledge of animal and criminal psychology or so it seems. He is put on a case to find the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins. The stakes are high since superball is just around the corner. Will Ace nail this case and get the team their mascot back?

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3. Adaptation (2002)

I have no idea how I ended up watching adaptation. It is not that I didn’t like the film, the film was really good but it’s just that I don’t know who suggested it or where I watched it. I just remember watching it and it’s really great that I did. Nicolas Cage is amazing in the role of Charlie and Donald Kaufman. Charlie Kaufman is asked by Tilda Swinton’s character Valerie Thomas to write the screenplay of the book The Orchid Thief written by Susan Orleans played by Meryl Streep. The main character of the book is John Laroche who is passionate about orchids and is an orchid hunter. But Charlie is facing a dilemma in this job since he wants to stay as close to the book as possible but is having trouble finding any material to create an entire film script. I mean let’s just be honest it is just a book about orchids. There’s no drama in it. Through this process, we also get a nice look at the characters. Charlie is having insecurity issues and issues with his brother Donald who has come to stay with him and aspires to be a screenwriter. We also get a look at Susan Orleans as she researches for her book and becomes attracted to Laroche.

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2. 50/50 (2011)

Well, it’s Seth’s time again along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This movie actually isn’t just for fun and has a great plot. Also, this isn’t any film where Seth gets high and al….Okay, there might be a couple of scenes (is it really hard for him to stay away from weed). The performances by Seth and Joseph are awesome and makes you relate with the characters. Anna Kendrick is also in the cast and does a nice job. Adam played by Joseph is living a normal life as a writer of radio programs. His best friend is Kyle played by Seth. Everything is going normally until Adam is diagnosed with spinal cancer. Adam is sad and slowly begins to realize the important things in life. His breakdown scene at the hospital is really touching. I like the way Adam’s character develops along with Kyle who does his best to support his friend. The plot might sound depressing but believe me, the movie is really funny too.

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1. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

The movie ‘Tucker and Dale is a Dark Comedy’ is a dark comedy. The main characters of the movie are Tucker and Dale who are two innocent hillbillies who just want to have a good time up in their cabin in the woods. But they are soon mistaken as murderers by a group of high school kids who have come to party near the same spot as the hillbillies. Soon, confusion starts brewing between the teenagers and Tucker and Dale. When Dale saves one of the girls from drowning and takes her to the cabin. Everyone in the high school group thinks that they have killed her. They soon start following the duo but which results in the teenagers being killed one by one is hilarious ways in ‘Final Destination’ fashion.

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