15 Best Scary Movies on Hulu Right Now

Horror movies are a great way of passing the night while trying hard not to wet your pants. I get easily scared but still enjoy the thrill. I guess that’s what it is all about. For some odd reason, we, humans, love to be scared. Over the years, it is a proven fact that horror is the most commercially viable genre of them all. That’s why you will notice that not a month passes by without a horror release. Are all of them good? Certainly not! That’s why we are here. To help you select the best out of hundreds of options that you have.

With the emergence of online streaming services, nowadays, people prefer watching movies sitting in the comforts of their home. Netflix, of course, has the lion share of eyeballs, but Hulu is not far behind. Today, we are going to list down the top horror movies on Hulu. This list consists of all kinds of horror films: from ghost stories to paranormal incidents; from witches to maniacs. Try not to be scared when you watch these really good scary movies on Hulu. Of course, these are also your options when you are looking to watch halloween movies on Hulu.

15. The Others (2001)

This Nicole Kidman starer horror flick will make marvel the style of storytelling. The film is set in the 40s. Nicole Kidman plays the role of a widow named Grace who lives with her two kids who are photosensitive. This makes her keep the curtains down. Grace decides to hire some help around the house. She hires three people: maid, a housekeeper, and a gardener. After that, she starts to experience strange happenings at the house and feels that there are certain intruders who enter the house. She decides to find out the truth but ends up revealing something much more chilling.

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14. American Psycho (2000)


Who doesn’t love Christian Bale? He is a phenomenal actor. If you have watched this movie then you know how good his performance is. I cannot picture anyone else doing this movie. The plot follows the life of an investment banking executive named Patrick Bateman. He is quite rich having been born in an upper-class family. But he works hard in Wall Street too, to increase his fortune. He is handsome, hard-working and intelligent. But not many know of his sadistic impulses which become uncontrollable at night. Follow this psycho madman as he tries fulfilling his violent impulses and get ready for one of the most confusing endings you have ever experience.

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13. The Amityville Horror (2005)

If you watch this movie just as a haunted house horror flick then you might not find it much scary. But if you link the backstory of this movie and realize that these things have actually happened in real time, that’s when you get really terrified. The plot sees George and Kathy Lutz move into a new house along with their children. The house has a horrific past as a year before it was the site of a mass murder. The family tries to ignore it but soon they find out that it is almost impossible to do so. As they are confronted with demonic presence and strange visions. The story has been told efficiently, which kind of heightens the experience.

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12. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)


When it comes to horror, I am not much into gory stuff. The plot and the characters are much more important for me. I did watch the first part of this movie which was ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. But it will be kind of wrong to call this movie a sequel since there isn’t any continuation of the plot. The only things that the creators carried forward are Leatherface and lots of gore. The plot is kind of simple as is common for these movies which rely much on the gory content. An RJ is hosting an open request night. She is annoyed by two prank callers who keep on calling and disturbing her. But they soon meet their demise after being killed by chainsaw-wielding cannibals. The RJ decides to take the help of a Texas Marshall who is later revealed to hold a personal grudge against the cannibals.

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11. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

If you like watching zombie flicks then this might be for you. The plot isn’t all that great or complicated. It follows the same theme as other such movies do, ‘Zombies are coming, Run!!!!’. I liked the character of Robert Carlyle and his performance is something I liked in this movie. The plot is simple, talks of a virus known as Rage Virus which had infected the city of London turning people into zombies. But thanks to the US Army the city has been quarantined and now people are being released back into the city. Well, it wouldn’t be exciting if everything went as planned. Turns out someone carrying the virus has entered the city starting the nightmare all over again.

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10. Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

This is a great horror movie that you can watch on Hulu. The plot is intriguing and you will get to see one of the best performances of Tim Robbins. Since this is the generation of spoilers I am sure you have heard the ending somewhere but even that shouldn’t get you discouraged to watch the movie. Tim Robbins plays the role of Jacob Singer a New York Postal worker. His life has been increasingly becoming painfully strange. He is constantly having flashbacks of the time during which he was in Vietnam. He is also constantly reminded of his first marriage and his dead son. Though his wife tries to support him the best he feels like he is losing his sanity as the line between delusion and reality starts to blur.

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9. The House of The Devil (2009)

If this movie had come out in the 80s it would have been a major hit. The theme of Satan, religious horror and horror house were kind of a trademark of those times. But I did enjoy watching this film at least the starting part of it. The plot is simple and follows the life of Samantha who is a college student desperately in need of some financial help. Her roommate isn’t the type of person one would want to stay with which prompts her to move into a new apartment. Fortunately, she had found one but needs money to pay the rent. Samantha responds to a babysitting advert she saw on college. She meets with Mr. and Mrs. Ulman at their house on the lunar eclipse. However, unknown to her there is a dark and sinister secret lying at this place. One, that could very well be a danger to her life.

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8. Saw (2004)

Up next is one of the most famous horror movies of the 21st century, ‘Saw’. It’s hard not to look away from the screen even once. I still remember that I have closed my eyes at least ten times during the entire length of the movie. When I recently watched it on my laptop I skipped lots of scenes. If you love the gory stuff and haven’t yet watched this movie then what are you waiting for? Do it tonight! The film showcases how a serial killer named Jigsaw has captured two men and have left clues for them to try and escape his torment. The men soon realize that they are in a deadly game and will need to find out how to exit this place. But will they even survive the torment?

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7. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

The best kind of horror movies are the funny ones. This is strictly from my point of view. ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’ is fun to watch. There is gore but this is the kind of gore you don’t look away from but rather laugh at the silliness and comical nature of it. Tucker and Dale are two lovable hillbillies who just want to spend some friendly time together and have some fun sipping beer and fishing at their cabin up in the hills. But soon they run into trouble as a group of college students mistakes them for some kind of hillbilly chainsaw-wielding maniacs. I wonder where did they get that idea from? Anyway, what follows is a fun adventure which will force a few laughs out of you.

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6. You’re Next (2011):

Well, it seems you can fill the entire list with slasher genre flicks. ‘You’re Next’ is a film which focuses on the theme of an innocent vacation gone wrong. The Davison family are trying to spend their reunion during the couple’s wedding anniversary. Everything seems fine but is it supposed to be? After all, it is a horror movie, right? Well, soon their vacation turns into a bloodbath as a group of ax-wielding murderers stalks the family in order to kill them. But they are unaware of a hidden talent in the family. A talent which will allow that person to hunt the hunters and let them know that ‘They’re Next’.

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5. Let Me In (2010)

Up next is a vampire flick. The male protagonist of the movie is a 12-year-old boy named Owen. He is a lonely kid who is regularly bullied at schools by some boys from his class. Owen being powerless can do nothing about it other than sitting at home dreaming about avenging himself. He one day meets a girl named Abby who is of the same age as he is. Abby’s father is actually a serial killer who is known to drain the blood of his victims. Unknown to Owen Abby is actually a vampire and the blood her father drains from his victims is actually used to satisfy his daughter’s bloodlust. When Owen finds out her secret he is afraid of her but can’t stop himself from loving her. Abby then suggests that Owen take his revenge.

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4. Children of The Corn (1984)

I have no idea how Stephen King comes out with such great horror ideas. I mean a part of you needs to be dead for you to create such dark themed horror stories. The plot of ‘Children of The Corn’ is based on a short story by Stephen King. It is set in a town called Gaitlin in Nebraska. A boy named Isaac is a preacher. He comes to the town of Gatlin and unites all the children to murder their parents and all other adults for some kind of sadistic sacrificial ritual. A couple wants to report a murder. So, they decide to go to the nearest town i.e. Gaitlin. Upon entering the town they find that it is deserted. Soon they are trapped in the town with little chance of survival.

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3. V/H/S (2012)

Look, if you decide to go for ratings on these movies you might be discouraged to watch them. But let me tell you one thing, horror movies are designed in a way to scare you not to make you marvel at theme and philosophy. when I watched ‘V/H/S’ I was scared for a few days. Yup, I know I get scared easily but the movie was pretty scary too. The plot is nice. It can be said that this movie is a sort of found footage genre horror flick. A group of thieves is asked to burglarize a house and steal a rare V/H/S tape. But it is easier said than done as the team discovers a dead body in the house and lots of V/H/S tapes each scarier and stranger than the previous one.

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2. Paranormal Activity (2007)

From one found footage horror movie to another, we now have ‘Paranormal Activity’. From my point of view, this was one of the best, found footage horror films that I have ever seen. It is really scary and made me wet my pants. The setting of the night and watching the film through camera footage makes it a hell lotta scary. The plot follows a couple Katie and Micah who decide to move into a new house. Soon, after moving they start to experience weird phenomenon at night. Katie admits that she had felt the presence of a ghost when she was a child and worries that it may have followed her. Micah is skeptical and sets up cameras in their house to see if something is fishy. Well, when they review the footage their worst fears are confirmed.

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1. The Dead Zone (1983)

I love Christopher Walken. He is one of the best actors in Hollywood. His performance in this movie is commendable. The plot follows the life of Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) who one night while returning from his fiance’s house becomes involved in a deadly accident which puts him in a coma. He wakes up after five years and finds that he seems to have gained some strange psychic powers. This ability of his allows him to see the past present and future of any person that he comes in contact with. Though at first, it may seem like a wonderful gift, it starts getting him into much more trouble especially after the police asks him to help in a murder investigation.

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