Where Was Netflix’s Love, Sex and 30 Candles Filmed?

Inspired by Angela Makholwa’s book titled ‘The 30th Candle,’ Netflix’s ‘Love, Sex and 30 Candles’ is a South African romantic drama film directed by Stephina Zwane that sheds light on the lives of four best friends — Dikeledi, Sade, Linda, and Nolwazi — who believe that all is well as long as you have your friends and family beside you. However, a turning point arrives in their lives when they turn 30. Now, the four best friends’ close-knit friendship gets tested to the limit as they navigate relationships and heartbreaks.

When one of them becomes pregnant, they indulge in celebration but only until secrets of their past threaten to ruin the bond they have built with each other. Featuring compelling performances by Amogelang Chidi, Bahumi Madisakwane, Gabisile Tshabalala, Candice Modiselle, and Terence Bridgett, the movie unfolds in Cape Town, including in the University of Cape Town and other sites of the city, making the audience wonder where ‘Love, Sex and 30 Candles’ was actually filmed. If you are one such curious soul, allow us to put your curiosity to bed!

Love, Sex and 30 Candles Filming Locations

‘Love, Sex and 30 Candles’ was filmed in its entirety in South Africa, seemingly in Johannesburg. Principal photography for the drama movie seemingly took place around the summer of 2022. Since the setting of the show is the Republic of South Africa, it is understandable why the filming unit decided to shoot the film on location. Now, without wasting any time, let’s traverse through the specific locations where the best friends navigate their relationships in the Netflix movie!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Although the story is based in Cape Town, most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Love, Sex and 30 Candles’ were supposedly lensed in and around the city of Johannesburg, which is classified as a megacity. The production team possibly traveled across the City of Gold to record several important scenes against suitable backdrops. When it comes to the interior scenes of the movie, it is probable that some of them were lensed inside actual establishments and residences in Joburg.

On the other hand, a few interior scenes could also have been taped on a sound stage or two in one of the film studios situated in and around the city, such as Sasani Studios, Moon Valley Studios, and Gold Island Studios. Over the years, Johannesburg has hosted the production of a number of movies and TV shows. Some of the notable ones include ‘The Giver,’ ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ ‘Love on Safari,’ ‘Discreet,’ ‘Do Your Worst,’ and ‘Still Breathing.’

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