Netflix’s One More Time: A Dive Into All Shooting Locations

As we slave away to the mundane activities that preoccupy every hour of the day, we mindlessly wish to escape from such worries. This is exactly what happens with Amelia, a seemingly oblivious woman whose fortieth birthday and wish to be eighteen again take her back in time. Directed by Jonathan Etzler, the Netflix Swedish comedy is a Groundhog Day-esque movie following the gravely predictable events of Amelia’s life. On her fortieth birthday, Amelia finds herself repeating to be eighteen again. Things take a comical and absurd turn when she’s hit by a bus and wakes up in 2002 on her eighteenth birthday.

However, going back in time isn’t exactly a boon for Amelia and a chance to live right again. Instead, she finds herself waking up again and again on the same day. What follows is a remarkable journey where she finds out the numerous details of her life that she had unknowingly obliterated or ignored. Starring Hedda Stiernstedt, Evelyn Mok, Vanna Rosenburg, David Tainton, Trove Edfedt, Mira Eklund, Miriam Ingrid and Edvard Olsson, the movie goes back to the Y2K days and raptures viewers with its relatively old themes and nostalgic narrative.

To bring about the proper notion that emanated from the story of the past, producers and the creative team naturally had to choose a location that could work in tandem with the narrative. If you are also curious to find out where the filming of ‘One More Time’ took place, worry not because we’ve got all the answers you are looking for!

One More Time: Where Was it Filmed?

It is purported that the filming of ‘One More Time’ was shot in Sweden. While the principal photography of the film began in July 2022, it concluded no later than August 25, 2022. Let’s get into more details about the filming locations of ‘One More Time.’

Stockholm, Sweden

Several sequences of the movie were shot inside to perfectly encapsulate the character’s strife. From Amelia waking up in her room, which happened to be a repetitive sequence, to going to high school, several of the sequences were supposedly shot in Sweden inside.

The Hobo Hotel at Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm also served as a primary location for filming several interior sequences. The party sequences contributed significantly to Amelia’s journey to making amends, and many of the scenes were purportedly shot here as well.

Finally, the outdoor scenes that reflected Amelia’s internal tumult of turning forty were shot in a picturesque background. Other scenes where the characters rode their car and hung outside were also supposedly shot in Stockholm in Sweden.

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