Where Was Netflix’s Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Filmed?

Based on the eponymous romance novel by Anna Szczypczyńska, Netflix’s ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ is a Polish romantic drama movie directed by Robert Wichrowski. It revolves around a married journalist named Nina, unsatisfied with her passionless marriage. When her younger ex-boyfriend returns to her life, she can’t help but have a passionate affair with him. Now, Nina must make the ultimate choice between the loving father of her children and her ex-boyfriend.

The romantic narrative is complemented by the heartfelt onscreen performances from talented actors like Roma Gąsiorowska, Wojciech Zieliński, Maciej Musiał, Jacek Koman, and Marta Król. Moreover, the stunning landscapes in the backdrop of several scenes are bound to spark questions in viewers’ minds about the filming sites of ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me.’ If you have been wondering the same, we have you covered!

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Filming Locations

‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ was filmed in Poland and Iceland, seemingly in Warsaw. The principal photography for the romantic movie seemingly commenced in late May 2022 and wrapped up after a month or so, in late June of the same year. Now, let’s not waste time and navigate through all the specific sites that feature in the Netflix movie!

Warsaw, Poland

Some pivotal sequences for ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ were lensed in Warsaw, Poland’s capital and largest city. From the looks of it, the production team recorded a few aerial shots of the cityscape and some interior scenes at different sites against suitable backdrops. Located on the River Vistula in east-central Poland, Warsaw is the sixth most populous city in the European Union. Besides, it is considered an Alpha global city and is a major cultural, economic, and political hub of the country.


Many key portions of ‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ were taped in Iceland, a Nordic island country that is the most sparsely populated in Europe. The filming unit seemingly traveled to different parts of the country to record several vital scenes for the movie. Situated at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, Iceland ranks pretty high in democracy and equality indexes.

Apart from running almost entirely on renewable energy, Iceland provides universal health care and tertiary education for all its citizens. The island country is home to various tourist attractions and places of interest. Some of them are Alþingishúsið, Hallgrímskirkja, National and University Library of Iceland, National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavík Town Hall, Reykjavík Art Museum, Reykjavík Botanic Garden, Reykjavík Maritime Museum, and CIA.IS – Center for Icelandic Art.

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