Where Was Netflix’s Viking Wolf Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Viking Wolf’ is the first-ever Norwegian werewolf movie that follows Thale, a 17-year-old girl who moves to a new town with her mother, a local police officer. She witnesses a gruesome attack by an unknown entity that kills a girl. Thale becomes the key to resolving this mystery, but the rumors of a werewolf preying on people spread like wildfire in the town. Directed by Stig Svendsen, the film can be described as an ambitious project which brings a new element to Norway’s cinema.

The original title of the horror thriller is ‘Vikingulven,’ and the combined effort of the VFX, prosthetic makeup, and the production department truly shine in the movie. However, the dark and brooding locations add a layer of ghastliness to the overall sinister theme. The aesthetics of these places fuels the unsettling nervousness, and if you are keen to learn more about the same, here’s all you need to know!

Viking Wolf Filming Locations

‘Viking Wolf’ was filmed in Norway in Northern Europe, the home to Fjords, stunning northern lights, rare wildlife, and rich architecture. Located on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the country is known for its Viking era, and several of the warriors’ abodes remain intact in this Nordic country’s heart. The film was shot and produced in three major spots of the nation — Notodden, Oslo, and Viken. As per reports, the filming began around June 2022 and concluded in November of the same year. Let’s take a detailed look at each location that shaped the movie.

Notodden, Norway

A major filming location of ‘Viking Wolf’ is the city of Notodden located in Telemark County, in the eastern part of Norway. Lying on the shore of Heddalsvatnet lake, the town hosts one of the most renowned blues festivals in Europe, known as the Notodden Blues Festival.

The crew lensed a few sequences at the Heddal Stave Church, a national cultural treasure and the largest stave church in the country. It stands proud with its intricate woodwork, tiered roof, and 13th-century monumental design at Heddalsvegen 412. Another prominent shooting site is the Telerock AS pub and bar, a lively place to catch up with friends and enjoy scrumptious food at Heddalsvegen 23. Another thriller movie filmed in this town is ‘The Snowman.’

Oslo, Norway

A few segments of the film was shot in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. It is famous for the iconic Royal Palace, Akershus Fortress, and Friea Chocolate factory, but these tourist sites are only the tip of the iceberg. The city is built on the southern coast of Norway, at the head of Oslofjord. A few scenes of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ were also taped in Oslo.

The filmmakers also captured a few scenes in Hauketo, a residential area at Søndre Nordstrand. The cast and crew reportedly also traveled to Lørenskog, a suburb in Oslo with a diverse population, to shoot the film. The place is an Akershus municipality in Viken County, where several celebrities and VIPs of the country reside.

Sandakerveien is a street in the city near Sundbyåsen hill. The production team of ‘Viking Wolf’ also filmed some scenes around this place. Margaretakirkeruinen, or the Margaert Church ruin, is a medieval site of an old stone church located on the outskirts of Oslo. The anachronistic site perfectly fits the film’s tonality, which is why the team also taped a few shots here.

As per reports, the scene where Thale is made fun of for having “rabies” is filmed outside Din Kebab & Pizza at Feltspatveien 25 in Oslo. This restaurant is situated in the Lambertseter suburb, a part of the Nordstrand borough.

Viken, Norway

The cast and crew members of the Norwegian Netflix production recorded some segments in Viken, a Norwegian county enclosing Oslo. Ytre Hvaler National Park, Blefjell mountain, and Borgarsyssel Museum are some of the mesmerizing places in the area. However, the beautiful Sylling village was chosen as the filming location for ‘Viking Wolf.’ The rural area belongs to the Lier municipality and is known for its cathedrals, farms, and street markets. ‘The Wave’ and ‘Ex Machina’ are two other movies filmed in Viken.

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