10 Best Werewolf Movies of All Time

It is funny how diversely Hollywood has categorized movies, genre wise. Due to this extensive characterization, the Werewolf genre has taken birth. As the name suggests, the movies have a thick endorsement of the characters closely being related to werewolves, or themselves being one (Twilight). The genre isn’t a mainstream one, but considering the movies that it entails (one of the most loved movie trilogies), it should be.

Films generally aren’t featured in the category, which renders its popularity diminished. Combining elements of common folklore and burgeoning scientific hypothesis, the movies in this genre do have a lot to offer. We decided to introduce you with some of the best work in the genre, which you can instantly start watching. Here is the list of top werewolf movies ever that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these best werewolf movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. There are both werewolf vampire movies and werewolf romance movies on this list.

10. The Wolfman (2010)

There isn’t a stronger bond in the world than one of blood brethren. The adrenaline and compassion that facilitates it, is hard to find anywhere else. Using it as the driving force, ‘The Wolfman’ focuses on the relationship of Lawrence and Ben. When the former returns home to find his brother missing, he takes it upon himself to locate his the whereabouts. After being bitten by his werewolf father, Lawrence is a beast by night, which further complicates his crusade to find justice. Featuring a blistering cast with the likes of Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, and Emily Blunt, the remake of the 1941 film of the same name does one better and takes the visual appeal to another level. Watch this one for the performances and the effects. And not to forget the Academy nominated make-up!

9. Wolf (1994)

Who better to play a ferocious blood-thirsty werewolf than Jack Nicholson? He wouldn’t even be required to act. Just some good make-up, or no make-up, and some special effects. And voila, you’re done. After getting bit by a rogue wolf in the night, Will Randall suddenly finds himself unusually powerful. More than the inhumane powers, it significantly boosts his confidence, which prompt him to fight for his job and woo his ex-boss’ wife, Laura. But trouble finds him and threatens to disrupt his plans. Mike Nichols did an admirable job creating and engaging the audiences with a decent story and characters. But its Nicholson who steers the ship into a must-watch haven with utmost sincerity and brutality in his performance.

8. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)

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The provenance of the genre dates back to the early 1930’s. But it materialized into commercially successful ventures with this expertly made film. Combining the folklore legend of Dr Frankenstein and the faintly known environs of Lawrence Talbot, the film explores the meeting of the two, with regards finding a cure for Talbot’s disease. Instead, he comes up against Frankenstein’s demon monster, which is a battle you mustn’t miss. Kudos to the film-makers and the production house for being bold and taking the highway with regards the budget. The conceptualization of them coming together was a smart move, which eventually worked out.

7. The Company of Wolves (1984)

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If you are looking offended and thoroughly entertained, this is the film for you. A ridiculous dream guides an amateur girl toward believing in her purpose for dark arts and supernatural. While she makes the requisite sojourn, guided by werewolfs and wolves, she meets a hunter whom she is instantly attracted to. The affections ignite a chain of macabre events which prove fatal for the seekers and the finders. It also features other sub-plots which take base in the form of stories by her grandmother. The general setting of the film is both vivacious and utterly disturbing. This melancholic yet beaming happiness potion that the director manages to create is one to savor and admire.

6. Werewolf of London (1935)

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Another story that facilitates its purpose by citing a bite by a “mysterious creature”, this one is more than that. While researching the healing properties of an herbal plant in the recluse of the pristine Tibetan range, botanist Wilfred Glendon is unexpectedly bitten by the aforementioned. On reaching London, he is contrived by his compatriots to relax and end his research. Citing it as the only antidote for werewolves, Wilfred endearingly resists until a full moon verifies his startling transformation.  A 1930’s treat that is poetically haunting, and majestically satisfying.

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5. The Howling (1981)

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‘The Howling’ is perhaps the most gory and uncomfortable film on the list. The premise too is not any lesser than a typical Fincherthriller. After being the victim of nervous shock, a LA reporter is prescribed to visit Dr Waggner’s psychiatric retreat in the woods. All is hunky dory, as minute mishaps fail to fall in her radar of logic. One of her colleague starts looking into the event that led to her going to the recluse, which raises some dangerous questions. He discovers details that make him fear for her life. The film for one, is very well written. The narrative moves at a brisk pace, avoiding lags and uninteresting events. The performance of the ensemble is satisfactory, each delivering solid performances. Overall, a decent watch for your weekend.

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4. Dog Soldiers (2002)

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The latent innuendo in the title are smartly devised. A covey of British soldiers encounter a bloody massacre, when rendezvousing a routine nightime drill, with just one survivor. The soldiers stay at the point, awaiting further instructions, when the required group of special op soldiers attack them. A zoologist saves the group and propounds about the mysterious circumstances. They retreat to a farmhouse until the full moon disappears. This was an experimental plot, which worked wonders in the theaters for the film. The reception was very positive, with many praising the imaginative writing and the performance of the ensemble. The use of the night’s dark was richly lauded from all corners, landing many a prizes for the film.

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3. Twilight (2008)

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Easily, the most famous movie on this list. I don’t think there is anything left to be said about this film.

2. Ginger Snaps (2000)

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The film in two words is surreally beautiful. Much like the films in the genre, it has an eclectic mix of tragedy and humor woven into one fine fabric. The yarns, spitting out of it have another story to tell, further embellishing the watching experience. The story of two outcasts sisters, Ginger and Brigitte, it epitomizes a vital part of a girl’s life: her first period, and uses the subject and its latent connotations with dexterity. On being attacked by a mysterious creature, Ginger starts showing vague behavior, signaling her sister of blood to figure out a way to heal her and survive. The child actors do a formidable job, and the film not only intrigues with the concept, but also connects with you on a more microscopic level.

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1. The Wolf Man (1941)

How often is it the case that a list ends with the same movie? Well, belonging to different eras, but still. There still hasn’t been a substitute to the mesmerizing piece of cinema that the film was. With the premise remaining the same as the 2010 remake, the film sought to acquaint the audiences to a whole new level of scary. With brilliant make-up and a haunting score, the original film is an important and well-crafted endeavor. Its brilliant conceptualization of werewolves captured the very essence of the reflections of it on our minds. Well done sir!

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