Where Was Ouija (2014) Filmed?

‘Ouija’ is a 2014 spine-chilling supernatural horror movie that marks Stiles White’s directorial debut. It follows the story of five friends who attempt to communicate with the spirit of their dead friend, Debbie (Shelley Hennig), who allegedly died by suicide. But how far would they go to talk to her? After Debbie’s death, Laine (Olivia Cooke) brings her sister Sarah (Ana Coto) and convinces her friends Trevor (Daren Kagasoff), Isabelle (Bianca Santos), and Pete (Douglas Smith) to perform a séance using an Ouija board.

However, the call made to the other world does not quite reach the person the five friends intend to contact, and they end up unleashing something far more sinister that wants them dead. While the horror and sinister elements of the narrative keep the viewers on the edge of their seats, the backdrop of Debbie’s spooky-looking house is one wonder where ‘Ouija’ was shot. If you have the same query, allow us to provide you with all the details!

Ouija (2014) Filming Locations

‘Ouija’ was filmed entirely in California, specifically in Los Angeles. The principal photography for the supernatural horror movie reportedly commenced in mid-December 2013 and was wrapped up by January 2014. Later, a significant portion of the Olivia Cooke directorial had to be reshot in May 2014 due to changes in the storyline and cast. Situated in the Western United States, California is the most populous state in the nation and is known for its diverse landscape, which favors the production of different projects. Now, without further ado, let us take you through all the specific sites that feature in the supernatural movie!

Los Angeles, California

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Ouija’ were lensed in Los Angeles, California’s largest city and the second most populous city in the nation. The cast and crew set up camp at different sites around the city to get suitable backdrops for the movie. The asylum scenes in the movie where Laine goes to meet Paulina Zander (Lin Shaye) were taped at Clark Residences located at 306 Loma Drive.

Moreover, the indoor scenes featuring Debbie’s house were recorded in a private property on 5915 Echo Street. Interestingly, the same residence was also used in the movie ‘Phantasm 2.’ Not just that, some sequences were shot at Cindy’s Diner at 1500 Colorado Boulevard, while significant portions were seemingly lensed in the backlot of a film studio. In addition, the production team likely utilized the premises of an actual school to lens the high school scenes.

Located in Southern California, Los Angeles is known for its posh neighborhoods, gorgeous sandy beaches, modern architecture, ties to the entertainment industry, and sprawling downtown. The City of Angels is home to several tourist attractions, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the Venice Canal Historic District, the Hollywood Sign, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Hollywood Bowl. Besides, Los Angeles has hosted the production of many movies and TV shows, such as, ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Cabin Fever,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ and others.

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