Where Was Premonition Filmed?

Helmed by Mennan Yapo and starring the ever-graceful Sandra Bullock in the lead role, ‘Premonition’ is a bleak and brooding 2007 supernatural thriller movie that attempts to immerse the audience in the mind of its protagonist. In the film, Jim and Linda are going through a rough patch in their marriage.

While Jim is away on a business tour, Linda gets the devastating news of her husband’s death, only to find him alive and sipping his coffee the following day. Is Linda dreaming, or is Jim really dead? The tale unfolds through the eyes of an unreliable narrator, as it urges the audience to keep guessing. Most of the story unfolds in a picturesque small-town setting, and if you seek to identify the places where the movie was shot, let us give you a detailed tour.

Premonition Filming Locations

‘Premonition’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in the southeastern state of Louisiana. The state features an array of landscapes that cater to film and TV productions. However, the region was dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when this movie was in production. Filming reportedly commenced on February 6, 2006, and was wrapped up within a strict schedule of forty-five days.

Despite the cast and crew facing quite a few hardships, they managed to conclude the filming on time. Interestingly, the hospital Emergency Room scenes were filmed at an abandoned second-floor ICU, which the team stumbled upon while scouting for locations. We have more information like this that might fascinate you. So, let us take you to the specific locations where the movie was shot!

New Orleans, Louisiana

The director initially opted to commence filming in New Orleans, but the city and the surrounding areas were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Although most of the scenes were filmed elsewhere in places less affected by the hurricane, some interior scenes were seemingly shot at the then-developing sound stages of the short-lived LIFT (Louisiana Institute of Film Technology) initiative called Film Factory.

The LIFT studio was once located west of the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans. Touted as “Hollywood outside Hollywood,” it caused enough uproar to bring the local industry of Louisiana back on track following the disaster. Still, the plan was ultimately shelved due to controversy involving the authorities.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Most of the exterior sequences of the film were shot in and around Shreveport, a teeming city in the northwestern part of the state. A few scenes were also filmed in the Highland and South Highlands neighborhoods of Shreveport. Most of the premonition scenes were filmed in the township of Minden, located about 30 miles east of Shreveport.

While filming one of the scenes, Sandra Bullock accidentally injured herself, so the director worked her Tetanus dose into the script. The movie was filmed in continuity, and thus the lead actress had to sit with the crew every day to get an update on her sequences.

Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

The highway shown in the film, which is supposed to be the fictional “east-west” US Highway 57 (the real one is north-south), is actually Louisiana Highway 2. The scene where Jim has a car accident was filmed at the intersection of Louisiana Highway 2 & Webb Country Road in the Claiborne Parish area of Louisiana. Formed in 1828, the parish derived its name from the first governor of the state, William C. C. Claiborne.

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