Where Was Really Love Filmed?

‘Really Love’ is a romantic drama that follows a whirlwind romance between a struggling artist and a law student. A touching story set amidst the bustling backdrop of a big city, the film explores the intricacies of balancing love and ambition through the eyes of both the central characters. While Isaiah tries to break into the art scene, Stevie works on starting a luminous career in law. The differences in the journey ahead that the two envision, whilst surrounded by a swiftly moving city that threatens to swallow their delicate connection before it can grow, make for a nuanced watch, made all the more poignant by the film’s varied urban scenery. Curious about where ‘Really Love’ is filmed? We’ve got you covered!

Really Love Filming Locations

The film is shot in multiple locations in Washington D.C. and the state of Maryland. The film uses many recognizable spots known for their connection to the arts, which give legitimacy to the central character’s artistic journey. Some topical aspects of Washington D.C. are also embedded into the story, making its setting in the capital a fitting choice. Filming took place in July 2018 and occurred mainly on location. Let’s take a look at the specific locations that were used to bring the film to life.

Washington D.C.

The film is set in Washington D.C., and a good amount of on-location filming took place in various parts of the capital. The story takes place within the backdrop of gentrification of various neighborhoods, and the film accordingly depicts neighborhoods that used to be predominantly working-class but are now going through tumultuous changes. The iconic skyline of Washington D.C. is also seen, as are some art galleries seemingly located in the city.

Baltimore, Maryland

The city of Baltimore in Maryland also features heavily in the film, mainly as a stand-in for Washington D.C. However, the production also spent multiple days filming on location at many of the city’s recognizable spots. The art show that supposedly takes place in Chicago was actually filmed at the Baltimore Museum of Art, located at 10 Art Museum Drive. The Baltimore School for the Arts, on 712 Cathedral Street, was also used as a filming location, as was the Parkway Theatre on 5 West North Avenue.

In fact, the film’s co-writer and director, Angel Kristi Williams, is a Baltimore native, and a few scenes were also shot in her grandmother’s house in the Park Heights area, which is situated about 10 miles northwest of downtown Baltimore. Lastly, the Dovecote Cafe, located at 2501 Madison Ave #1f, reportedly reminded the director of a cafe in Washington D.C. and turned into a hub for the production. A few scenes were also filmed in the cafe.

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