Where Was Rise (2022) Filmed?

Image Credit: Patrick Redmond/20th Century Studios

Directed by Akin Omotoso, ‘Rise’ (originally titled ‘Greek Freak’) is a biographical sports drama movie based on the inspiring journey of three brothers‘ rise to success within the NBA (National Basketball Association). The story revolves around the Antetokounmpo family, especially the three brothers, as they shift to a new country in order to improve their life. The parents — Vera and Charles Antetokounmpo — struggle to support themselves and their five children while they all work together to sell souvenirs to the tourists in the new city.

Soon, opportunity knocks on the door, and the Antetokounmpo brothers pounce on it as they hit the public basketball courts and discover their innate abilities. Although they don’t have any experience in the sport, they reach for the stars by pursuing their NBA dreams with the help of a talent agent. The immersive cinematic experience of one of the most inspiring tales in sports is gripping enough to keep the viewers hooked on the narrative. However, the use of interesting locations, including the basketball courts, tends to make them wonder about the actual sites that appear in the film. Well, if you want to find out about the same, allow us to shed more light on it!

Rise Filming Locations

‘Rise’ was filmed in Greece and the United States, specifically in Athens and the states of Wisconsin and New York. The principal photography for the basketball-centered movie commenced in May 2021 under the production title ‘Greek Freak’ and wrapped up in August of the same year. Since most of the storyline is set in Greece, the production team chose the same European country to record many pivotal scenes and thus, added an element of authenticity to the biographical film. Now, let’s follow the inspiring journey of the Antetokounmpos and learn more about the specific locations that create the settings for the movie!

Athens, Greece

Several pivotal parts of ‘Rise’ were lensed in Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece. The production team traveled across the capital city to get suitable shots for the biographical film. In particular, they set up camp in Monastiraki Square, located in the neighborhood of Monastiraki, in order to shoot some important scenes. While filming was in progress, many shops and restaurants kept their doors shut for their customers. Furthermore, the area around the neighborhood was secured by barriers to prevent fans from entering the film set.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For taping a few sequences for the sports film, the cast and crew traveled to Milwaukee, the most populous city in the state of Wisconsin. Officially known as the City of Milwaukee, it is considered one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the country. It is known as the City of Festivals because the city hosts many cultural events throughout the summer. Moreover, Milwaukee is home to a number of museums, including the Milwaukee Art Museum, Haggerty Museum of Art, and the Grohmann Museum.

Brooklyn, New York

Additional portions of ‘Rise’ were captured in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City in the state of New York. The neighborhoods of the borough are known to be quite dynamic in ethnic composition. Given the fact that Brooklyn attracts people from other cities in the country and foreign countries, it has managed to grow a global cosmopolitan ambiance of its own. Moreover, Brooklyn has hosted many filming projects over the years; some of the most notable ones being, ‘The Departed,’ ‘Margin Call,’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire.’

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