Where Was Sleight Filmed?

Helmed by J. D. Dillard, ‘Sleight’ is a superhero film and a tough coming-of-age tale blended into a delightful concoction. Dillard’s first foray into feature films is conceived to be an independent passion project, and later, a breakthrough Sundance success. The story revolves around a young L.A. street magician called Bashir “Bo” Wolfe, who tends to his sister Tina following the demise of their parents. He ventures into illegal activities such as dealing drugs to make ends meet, but when his supplier kidnaps his little sister, Bo must use everything in his power to save her.

Packed with a promising young cast with rapper-turned-actor Jacob Latimore in the leading role and featuring sublime and vivid cinematography, the 2016 thriller film manages to overcome the usual clichés of the genre. Blending magic and reality in a seamless way, the engrossing tale unfolds in suburban Los Angeles. If you are wondering about the locations where the film was shot, allow us to help you out!

Sleight Filming Locations

‘Sleight’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in California. Filming began on July 20, 2015, and wrapped up by August 10, 2015. Although J. D. and his crew worked on a tight budget in the absence of financial support from an established studio, the director and co-writer did not let the budget constriction hinder the cinematic beauty of the narrative.

All the shots are taken with care and precision and put together brilliantly. The camera sways, and although the indie tints are unarguably there, the film does not look like it compromises with the cinematic quality and distinctness. According to the director, it was possible to make the film under such a minimal budget because they had a clear enough idea about the cost of filmmaking during the writing and pre-production process. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the film was shot!

Los Angeles, California

The film was entirely shot in the City of Angels, which is home to one of the biggest cinema industries in the world. The story of the film is set in suburban Los Angeles, and the director chose to schedule filming on location in the outskirts of the metropolis.

With a minimal budget and a small crew, the production did not have the luxury to move around the city a lot. With that being said, the L.A. vibe that the film emits is unmistakable.

The production crew predominantly filmed in Granada Hills, an affluent suburban area in the urbanized San Fernando Valley right at the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains. Located up north of the Los Angeles basin, the valley incorporates parts from three cities, namely Los Angeles, Burbank, and San Fernando.

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