Where Was Sound of Freedom Filmed?

Based on an incredible true story, ‘Sound of Freedom’ is an Alejandro Monteverde directorial that focuses on a federal agent named Tim Ballard who manages to save a boy from some terrifying child traffickers but discovers that his sister is still captive to them. After quitting his job, Tim sets off on a dangerous mission to save her. As he races against the clock, the former government agent turned vigilante attempts to go against cartels and human traffickers to rescue hundreds of children from captivity.

Featuring Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, and Bill Camp in starring roles, the biographical action drama movie mostly takes place in a Colombian city and jungle as Tim moves from one location to another in an attempt to get to the bottom of things. Given the inclusion of several eerie locations, including where the children are held hostage by the captors, you are likely to be curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Sound of Freedom.’ So, in that case, we have got you covered!

Sound of Freedom Filming Locations

‘Sound of Freedom’ was filmed in Colombia and California, particularly in Cartagena, Bogotá, Isla Barú, and Imperial County. According to reports, the principal photography for the biopic commenced in the summer of 2018 and wrapped up in late 2018. Now, without much ado, allow us to provide you with all the necessary details about the specific locations that feature in the action film!

Cartagena, Colombia

A major chunk of ‘Sound of Freedom’ was taped in Cartagena AKA Cartagena de Indias, which is situated in the northern part of Colombia facing the Caribbean Sea to the west. Given the presence of several historical and culturally significant sites across the city, including the Cartagena Cathedral, the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas, the Palace of the Inquisition, and the Convent, cloister, and chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria de la Popa, Cartagena makes for a suitable filming site for period productions, including ‘Sound of Freedom.’

Bogotá, Colombia

Some important portions of ‘Sound of Freedom’ were also lensed in Bogotá, which is the capital city of Colombia and administered as the Capital District. Back in the 1990s, Bogotá had a bad reputation when it came to crimes as in that decade, it was considered one of the most violent cities in the entire world. Since crime is the movie’s predominant theme, Bogotá served as the ideal filming site.

Isla Barú, Colombia

For shooting purposes, the production team of ‘Sound of Freedom’ also traveled to the south of Cartagena to the Isla Barú. Some key beach scenes for the film were recorded on location on one of the beaches of the island. Owing to the gorgeous beaches and pristine waters, most of the economy of the island is driven by tourism and summer homes. Also known as Isla de Barú, it is connected by a bridge to the Canal del Dique.

Imperial County, California

Additional portions of ‘Sound of Freedom’ were recorded across Imperial County with the production team setting up camp in a number of neighborhoods and streets to tape different scenes. According to reports, they spent about three days in the city of Calexico shooting several key scenes for the movie. The Old Downtown Calexico port of entry, the areas around Applebee’s Grill + Bar at 2505 Scaroni Avenue in Calexico, and Aten Road in the city of Imperial, served as a few prominent production locations. Moreover, a few old and abandoned streets as well as a house in Calexico doubled as a Colombian house for many exterior shots.

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