Where was Stardust (2020) Filmed?

‘Stardust’ is a biographical film the focuses on David Bowie’s early years before he created the persona of Ziggy Stardust. Directed by Gabriel Range and starring Johnny Flynn, Marc Maron, and Jena Malone in the main roles, the movie follows Bowie as he leaves his pregnant wife Angie in England to travel to the USA for his 1971 tour promoting his third studio album. While traveling through the States, Bowie is struck with inspiration to create his wildly eccentric alter-ego Ziggy Stardust.

‘Stardust’ claims to be an origin story, although it is not approved by Bowie’s estate, since David Bowie famously did not want his life to be documented in film. Because they did not have the rights to Bowie’s music, the movie does not actually feature any of his songs. Curious to know where ‘Stardust’ was filmed? Here is all you need to know.

Stardust Filming Locations

‘Stardust’ was majorly filmed on location in Canada, with only a few scenes shot in the United States. Principal photography of the film was completed in September 2019. Here are more details about specific locations where filming took place.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto served as a primary filming location for the movie ‘Stardust’. Over the last couple of decades, Toronto has emerged as a favorite filming destination for Hollywood movies and TV shows, to the extent that it (along with the city of Vancouver) has been dubbed as the Hollywood North. Some of the popular TV shows to have filmed in and around Toronto are ‘Prison Break‘, ‘Suits’, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, ‘The Boys’, and ‘Schitt’s Creek‘.

Hamilton, Ontario

Sitting on the western tip of Lake Ontario is the Canadian port city of Hamilton, roughly 70 kilometers away from Toronto. Filming for ‘Stardust’ was also done in Hamilton. Some of the other films to have been shot in Hamilton include titles such as ‘It’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Shazam!‘, and ‘X-Men’. Here are a couple of photos from Marc Maron’s Instagram account, posted while he was filming on location.

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