Where Was The Blue Lagoon Filmed?

Set in the late Victorian period, ‘The Blue Lagoon’ is a romantic film that recounts the story of two young cousins who end up on a tropical island in the South Pacific after a shipwreck. For some time, they are under the guidance of fellow castaway Paddy Button, but when he dies and the duo approach adolescence, they are on their own to explore intimacy, loneliness, sex, and love.

The journey of their self-discovery is captured against the backdrop of some beautiful beaches and islands. The movie’s prolific cinematographer Néstor Almendros also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography. Naturally, you must be wondering where exactly is the survival drama filmed. If you find yourself wondering the same, we have got you covered.

The Blue Lagoon Filming Locations

‘The Blue Lagoon’ was shot in several locations in Oceania, Europe, and the Caribbean. It was made within a budget of $4.5 million and ended up earning $58.8 million in North America alone. The production for the movie took place sometime around June 1979. We dug into the information about where the movie was filmed, and here is what we have found.

Turtle Island, Fiji

The majority of the shooting of ‘The Blue Lagoon’ took place in Fiji. Located in Oceania, Fiji is an archipelago of about 300 islands that is famed for its coral reefs with clear lagoons, mesmerizing ocean views, and palm-lined beaches. The production in the region mostly took place in Turtle Island. The island occupies an area of 500 acres that is mostly covered with forests.

It also has pristine beaches that provide an ideal filming location for movies like the Randal Kleiser directorial. You can even experience the region’s natural beauty, as the island rents out 14 villas offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of living in one of the most exotic holiday destinations in the world.

Nanuya Levu, Fiji

The cast and crew shot some scenes on Nanuya Levu Island as well. The privately-owned holiday destination is the site of the luxurious Turtle Island Resort, which offers visitors an escape from the daily rut. The visitors not only get to bask in the sunlight on its beautiful beaches but can visit the sites where the Brooke Shields-starrer was shot several decades ago. A number of island and beach scenes in the movie were filmed there.

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