The Choice (2016): All Shooting Locations Explored

Image Credit: Dana Hawley/Lionsgate

Based on the 2007 eponymous novel by Nicholas Sparks, ‘The Choice’ is a 2016 romantic drama movie helmed by Ross Katz that revolves around a ladies’ man named Travis Shaw who doesn’t want to get into a serious relationship. On the other hand, Gabby Holland is a medical student who looks forward to settling down with her long-term boyfriend, Dr. Ryan. The different personalities collide when she moves next door to Travis, and the two meet for the first time. Their encounter sparks an unexpected and irresistible attraction, turning their lives upside down.

Travis and Gabby’s bond strengthens as they spend more time together. Now, the unlikely couple must decide if they are willing to go to extreme lengths to keep their love alive. Starring Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Maggie Grace, Alexandra Daddario, Tom Welling, and Tom Wilkinson, the romantic movie is primarily set in the small coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina, with the protagonists’ neighboring houses and picturesque beaches being the primary backdrops. So, it is natural for you to wonder where ‘The Choice’ was filmed.

The Choice Filming Locations

‘The Choice’ was filmed in North Carolina, especially if New Hanover County, North Topsail Beach, Southport, Wallace, Atlantic Beach, and Beaufort. Shooting for the novel-based movie reportedly commenced in October 2014 and wrapped up in a month or so, in November of the same year. Now, without much ado, let’s follow Travis and Gabby and get a detailed account of the specific locations where the couple gets close to each other!

New Hanover County, North Carolina

A significant chunk of ‘The Choice’ was lensed in New Hanover County, with the production team mainly setting up camp in the city of Wilmington. For instance, a key restaurant sequence for the romantic movie was recorded in Dockside Restaurant at 1308 Airlie Road. Bridge Tender Marina at 1418 Airlie Road was another important filming site down the same road. Some prominent scenes were also taped in and around Airlie Gardens at 300 Airlie Road in Wilmington.

There are a couple of other locations in Wilmington that feature in ‘The Choice.’ They are Brasserie du Soleil at 1908 Eastwood Road Suite #118, Princess Street, and a house in the downtown area. Moreover, numerous seaside scenes were shot in and around Hanover Seaside Club at 601 South Lumina Avenue in the town of Wrightsville Beach. As for some beach scenes, they were lensed on Masonboro Island State Natural Area in Masonboro Island. Fort Fisher State Recreation Area at 1000 Loggerhead Road in the town of Kure Beach is another site that appears in the movie.

Other Locations in North Carolina

To tape additional portions for ‘The Choice,’ the director and his team traveled to other locations across North Carolina. For instance, the beach scene where Travis and Gabby meet for the first time was lensed on Topsail Island, North Topsail Beach. Furthermore, the production team chose to shoot some important scenes in the city of Southport due to its coastal vibe and the town of Wallace because of its rustic buildings and rural settings.

Considering the boardwalk and amusement park, the cast and crew decided to tape several pivotal sequences in the town of Atlantic Beach, which provided the ideal backdrop for the movie’s climax. In addition, since the story is set in Beaufort, it is highly possible that they used some locales of the coastal town.

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