Where Was The Circle Season 3 Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is an incredibly fascinating reality game show wherein people from all walks of life isolate themselves in the same building, yet in separate apartments, to partake in a competition like no other. Following a rotating cast, the end goal is to attain high popularity on a voice-activated, specially designed, titular social-media platform with nothing but their wits, personality, and execution to see them through.

Since their sole mean of communication is in-app text messages, they can be whoever they want — themselves, an altered version of themselves, or someone else entirely, i.e., a catfish. After all, apart from reputation, there is a $100,000 at stake, making it apparent that sometimes, the game matters more. So now that we’ve covered the show’s essential premise, let’s delve into its production and filming details, shall we?

The Circle Season 3 Filming Locations

Studio Lambert, the production firm behind ‘The Circle,’ is an independent British television company headquartered in London, Manchester, and Los Angeles. Therefore, with the show in itself also making it evident that not everything is as it seems, despite the aerial shots of iconic landmarks making it appear as if filming took place in the United States, it has actually been shot across the pond. In other words, ‘The Circle’ season 3 was filmed in Salford, Greater Manchester. Let’s learn more about the specific filming site!

Salford, England

From what we can tell, the previous seasons of ‘The Circle US,’ ‘The Circle UK,’ ‘The Celebrity Circle,’ ‘The Circle France,’ and any other installment of the franchise were filmed at the exact filming site of ‘The Circle’ season — at the Adelphi Wharf Phase 1 apartment block in Salford. This Greater Manchester area is known for its history and beautiful sceneries, which is why films such as ‘A Taste of Honey’ (1961) and shows like ‘Shameless’ also based some part of their massive production here.

Coming to the Adelphi Wharf structure, in particular, it is nearly 15 minutes away from the Manchester City Centre, near River Irwell, and has a total of 65 units within. Out of these, 12 apartments are maintained for the contestants. In other words, they are rigged with cameras and soundproofed for ease of filming. The furniture and decor, though, are switched up between each shooting session depending upon the region of the show and cast members’ requirements.

As per creator Tim Harcourt, the production studio actually built the yoga room, jacuzzi space, and gym that we see in the episodes to ensure that the participants never have to leave the building. According to reports, an apartment in this development costs between £95,000 – £145,000 ($130,600 – $199,000). However, of course, if you want it glammed out like in the series, you’ll have to get it done yourself and pay more.

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