Where Was The Foreigner Filmed?

Directed by Martin Campbell, ‘The Foreigner’ is an action thriller movie that follows Quan (Jackie Chan), a loving father who turns vengeful when his daughter dies as a consequence of the resurfacing of his sketchy past. Quan’s sole mission in life then becomes catching these dangerous terrorists responsible for the irreversible tragedy that takes hold. Based on Stephen Leather’s 1992 novel ‘The Chinaman,’ it is packed with fast-paced action and thrill, all of which unfolds in a bustling metropolitan landscape that leaves us highly entertained. In case you want to know where this movie was filmed, we have your back!

The Foreigner Filming Locations

‘The Foreigner’ was filmed in different regions of the UK, particularly in London and Northern Ireland. The principal photography for the movie began in January 2016 and continued through February. The stunning action sequences interlaced with the appeal of modern and old British architecture that defines the structural landscape of the location is what further draws us in. If you’re also curious about the places where the magic was actualized, we have news for you!

London, England

‘The Foreigner’ was filmed in several prominent locations over London, including Knightsbridge and Lambeth Bridge in central London. In January 2016, Jackie Chan was spotted lurking around the streets of Balham, located in the London Borough of Wandsworth, in between shots. A film crew was stationed alongside as they waited for Jackie’s co-star Pierce Brosnan to arrive. The cast and crew made use of pyrotechnics to set the action sequences in proper motion.

Likewise, the filmmakers blew up a double-decker bus in central London’s Lambeth Bridge that lies over River Thames. The result was an alarming sight of a huge moving vehicle exploding in flames on the morning of February 7, 2016. As expected, the process disappointed many Londoners who were not happy witnessing such disturbances despite precautions followed by the crew.

Moreover, the team had sought permission from the local council to run these activities. Although it led to months of negotiations, as stated by director Martin Campbell, they were allowed to run explosions within the city. Two buses were allocated to them by the vehicle department, and the areas were closed off to the public. The Lambeth bridge was allowed to be closed for four hours, out of which 40 minutes were given for the explosion.

A few locations in London that show up in the film include Lawn House Close in the Isle of Dogs, 3 East Street (Quan’s Apartment), 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin), the chapel at the Old Royal Naval College (at King William Walk; Greenwich), Big Ben, and Sunglass Hut (at 155 Brompton Road). One of the explosion scenes takes place at Gail’s Bakery at Churton Street, where the cameras rolled on February 18, 2016. Scenes set in the Regent High School in Camden were shot on the same day. Moreover, the crew also filmed for two weeks in the Oxfordshire countryside, which filled in for rural Ireland.

Larne, Northern Ireland

The film was also shot in Northern Ireland, famous for its art, hospitality, and soothing landscapes. One of the locations featured in the film is Larne, situated at County Antrim in Northern Ireland. As the filming continued, several stunt performers from the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, along with many talented members of the British film stunt community, were hired. Other than that, Jackie is said to have been extremely dedicated and disciplined. At one instance, he even came out of his trailer and started to clean up using a broom! A few movies shot in Ireland include ‘Ella Enchanted,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘The Italian Job.’

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