Where Was The Long Dumb Road Filmed?

Road trip movies inform us that the road can solve all of life’s problems. While that may not work out for everyone, as shown on screen, the road certainly gives a new perspective to those struggling with something. There are various reasons why that could be: the new experiences that the road provides, or the embrace of uncertainty that it brings which makes one bolder. Whatever the reason may be, road trip films are engagingly entertaining carriers of character-driven stories. ‘The Long Dumb Road’ is a 2018 road trip film that acknowledges the large number of films that the genre has borne with its title.

‘The Long Dumb Road’ is as much about new friendships as it is about road trips. It revolves around a couple of guys who are at “personal crossroads,” going through troubling junctures in their respective lives. At such a time, they meet “serendipitously.” The two of them then proceed to convert their fated encounter into something more by taking an unplanned road trip together. They traverse the American Southwest, gaining new perspectives on life.

The two central protagonists who meet are named Nathan and Richard. The character of Nathan is essayed by Tony Revolori while that of Richard is played by Jason Mantzoukas. Revolori is best known for playing Zero in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’ Some of the other movies that he has been a part of include ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ and its sequel. Mantzoukas, on the other hand, has played prominent roles in notable productions like ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘The Dictator,’ and various others.

The Long Dumb Road Filming Locations

‘The Long Dumb Road’ is a road trip movie and hence, is set…drum roll…on the road. The film is set in the American Southwest since that is where the characters take a road trip. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder about all the locations that the movie has been filmed in. What places were used to depict the Southwest?

New Mexico

‘The Long Dumb Road’ was entirely filmed in the state of New Mexico. Since it is a road trip movie, several locations were used for filming purposes. For instance, filming was carried out in Albuquerque. ‘Breaking Bad‘ fans would know that this is where the show is set and filmed in. More precisely, Menaul School in Albuquerque was utilized as a shooting location for ‘The Long Dumb Road.’

Apart from Albuquerque, filming was also undertaken in Los Lunas. To be more specific, filming was carried out at Wild Pony Bar on 4555 Highway 314 SW. Next, the movie was also shot in Belen, Tijeras, and Cibola National Forest.

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