Where Was The Tiger Rising Filmed?

Famed visual effects artist Ray Giarratana (who supervised the effects on ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’) takes up the directorial role in the family-oriented adventure drama ‘The Tiger Rising.’ Based on the famous 2001 kids’ novel of the same name by Kate DiCamillo, the story follows the enthralling and magical quest of a boy who embarks upon a journey to free a tiger.

Beautifully filmed, designed, and painted with the zeal of a coming-of-age venture, the movie conceals themes of family, mortality, and the binary of nature and nurture. Most of the movie unfolds in a suburban community not far from a forest. However, you may want to visit the places where the movie was shot. If you are curious about the filming locations of ‘The Tiger Rising,’ let us shed some light on the matter.

The Tiger Rising Filming Locations

‘The Tiger Rising’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in Georgia. Filming commenced in November 2019 and came to a wrap by December 20 of the same year. Several global-scale productions are filmed in Georgia thanks to its pockets of biodiversity and adequately professional film industry. The lucrative tax credit promoted by the state government is something producers can hardly resist.

Shane F. Kelly, whose notable credits include the rotoscope animated film ‘A Scanner Darkly,’ took up the responsibility of cinematography, while Michael Shaw served as the production designer of this drama film. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the movie was filmed!

Thomasville, Georgia

The production team moved in and around the community of Thomasville in Thomas County to film several sequences of ‘The Tiger Rising.’ The production crew also took a detailed tour of the town, showcasing some tourist attractions, especially the 338 years old live oak known locally as “The Big Oak.”

The city, known locally as the “city of roses,” features a historic town square, a vast farmers’ market, and most importantly, an annual rose festival. If you are a history buff, Jack Hadley Black History Museum and the Pebble Hill Plantation, which is now open for tours, would entice you with the past struggle of the African American community in the state.

Tifton, Georgia

A significant amount of filming took place in the township of Tifton in Tift County. Located over 50 miles from Thomasville, the Town Terrace Motel or the Pink Motel served as one of the central shooting sites for the film. The tourist accommodation is exactly situated at 308 West 12th Street in the city. The motel was doubled as the Kentucky Star Motel by the production team for the sake of filming.

Several cast and crew members involved in the production were locals from the area. Known as “The Friendly City,” Tifton features red-bricked Victorian architecture to entice the tourists. Situated in the middle of central Georgia, Tifton is known worldwide for its pivotal role in agricultural research. The township houses the main campus of the prestigious Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

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