Where Was There’s Someone Inside Your House Filmed?

Based on the novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins, Netflix‘s ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is a slasher movie that centers upon a senior transfer student named Makani Young who moves to Nebraska to live with her grandmother. Initially, things go just as she has expected, but when her classmates get brutally murdered one after another, Makani realizes that she has to fight for her life. Unfortunately, the path to her survival goes through her dark past, something that she is reluctant to face.

Directed by Patrick Brice, the movie captures the murderous rampage and the unsettling feeling of ever-present danger with raw imagery of brutal crimes that can terrify anyone. If any of the spine-chilling scenes got you wondering about the film’s shooting locations, then look no further. Here’s everything you need to know!

There’s Someone Inside Your House Filming Locations

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ was shot entirely in Canada, specifically British Columbia and Manitoba. The production seemingly commenced in August 2019 and wrapped up almost two months later in October 2019. However, additional photography concluded much later, on August 23, 2020. Curious to learn more about the filming locations, we decided to dig deeper. Here’s everything we found!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The principal photography of the Patrick Brice directorial was primarily carried out in Vancouver. Located in western Canada, the city and the surrounding region is a sought-after filming location thanks to the snow-capped mountains and other mesmerizing natural locales. With all the superb filming facilities that it offers, Vancouver is an important hub of what is known as the Hollywood North. A significant portion of the movie was shot in John Oliver Secondary School, located at 530 East 41st Avenue.

Founded in 1921, John Oliver Secondary School doubles as Makani’s new school in the small town in Nebraska. The production team may have also filmed a few sequences at the Spanish Banks Beach, which is situated in the West Point Grey neighborhood along the shores of English Bay. Additionally, the actors were spotted bungee jumping in Whistler (a town north of Vancouver) just around the time the production for the movie wrapped up. However, it is unclear whether it also features in the film.

Hopcott Farms Weddings and Events serves as a filming site for ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House.’ Located at 13672 Reichenbach Road, Pitt Meadows, the farm is just a 40-minute drive away from Vancouver. Spread across 125 acres of land, the property is surrounded by mesmerizing mountains that make it an ideal location for filming.


While the cast and crew shot most of the scenes in Vancouver, British Columbia, a second unit also filmed several sequences in Manitoba. Although the region is not as influential as the westernmost Canadian province in film and television production, it has hosted the shooting of several well-known movies over the years. Films shot in the region include ‘Capote,’ ‘The Stone Angel,’ ‘The Saddest Music in the World,’ ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,’ and ‘My Winnipeg.’

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