Where Was Those Who Wish Me Dead Filmed?

Directed by Taylor Sheridan, who is known for being the writer and director of the 2017 movie ‘Wind River,’ ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ is an exhilarating, thrilling yet terrifying ride through beautiful Montana. Based on the eponymous novel by Michael Koryta, the movie follows Hannah Faber, a smokejumper who notices a boy running through the jungle. Little does she know that giving shelter to the boy Connor Casserly will set the pair on a ride through hell as the assassins chasing the boy sets fire to the jungle in order to smoke the two out.

The rest of the movie essays the thrilling pursuit, often filling the viewer with anticipation, terror, and dread as Hannah and Connor drag themselves through dangerous and life-threatening situations, fighting for their lives against two cold-blooded assassins. The beautiful wilderness and breathtaking views showcased in the film are sure to make the audiences wonder where it was shot. Well, we come bearing answers!

Those Who Wish Me Dead Filming Locations

Filming for the movie took place in the months of May to July 2019, well before the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world. Even if the film is set in Montana, it was primarily shot on location in New Mexico. The director often mentioned that the shoot was a grueling affair and noted that the conditions the talents had to go through were “terrible.” As the movie was shot primarily in remote locations in New Mexico, the crew did not have a lot of luxury to go on. Let’s find out the places where this thrilling movie was shot.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico, and filming crews often prefer it for its picturesque surroundings. So, the crew used a part of the desert near Mesa Del Sol to build their own version of the forest fire. The director said that the forest was artificially created inside a pit in the desert to ensure that the fire doesn’t spread.

The crew then set fire in a controlled environment, and the special effects took care of the grand and terrifying forest fire that we see in the movie. The city also previously hosted filming crews for the fan-favorite TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ and the brilliant 2007 movie ‘No Country for Old Men.’

Bernalillo, New Mexico

The movie was shot on location in the town of Bernalillo, New Mexico. Located in Sandoval County, Bernalillo provided the perfect backdrop for the rural, small-town vibe of the movie. The few semi-urban scenes in the film were shot in this beautiful New Mexico town. It is nestled in the midst of raw and natural beauty, which is precisely what the director wanted from New Mexico. Bernalillo has also hosted shooting for movies like 2013’s ‘The Host’ and 2020’s “Archenemy.’

Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

Rio Arriba County provided the beautiful, breathtaking, and fascinating shots of the wilderness that we see in the film. The natural yet dangerous beauty is brought out wonderfully on the screen through the movie. The crew also shot on location in the Jemez Mountains, which are mainly located in Rio Arriba county, with parts of it being in the neighboring counties of Sandoval and Los Alamos. This volcanic group of mountains provided director Taylor Sheridan with the perfect surroundings to showcase the highly remote, wild yet incredibly gorgeous setting New Mexico offers.

Furthermore, the film was also shot on location in Santa Clara Pueblo. Located in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, this census-designated place offered the perfect backdrop for the rough and rugged wilderness the director wanted for his film. Situated in the Rio Grande Valley, this remote location helped in giving a rural tinge to the Angelina Jolie-led movie. Santa Clara Pueblo, which is usually famous for its superb pottery, has also provided ideal settings for films like 2012’s ‘Tiger Eyes’ and 1994’s ‘Wyatt Earp,’ to name a few.

Torrance County, New Mexico

In Torrance County, the crew shot on location in the Manzano Mountains State Park. Popular for camping, hiking, and photography, the park was utilized to shoot many of the picturesque forest scenes that we see in ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead.’ An artificial forest was created to simulate the forest fire, but Torrance County contributed its natural wilderness in the foothills of the Manzano mountains, which leaves the viewers enthralled and in awe.

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