Where Was Training Day Filmed?

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, ‘Training Day’ is a crime drama film that depicts the collusion between law enforcement agencies and the drug mafia. Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) is a narcotics officer who has to evaluate his subordinate, Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke), for his candidacy in the Narcotics Department. The two officers wade through the murky depths of the mafia, and soon, Hoyt realizes that ethics and morals have bitten the dust.

The crime thriller film has a gritty outlook as it is set in some locations that give it an authentic feel to the happenings. ‘Training Day’ goes deep into the ganglands and their territories which enticed us into searching about the places where it was shot. If you are curious about the filming locations, you are at the right place!

Training Day Filming Locations

Since the film deals with the connection between LAPD officers and street gang members, it was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The filmmakers wanted to achieve a cinematic narrative of real places and hence ventured into certain areas controlled by gang members. Let us have a look into specific details.

Los Angeles, California

With ‘Training Day,’ Fuqua’s approach was to shoot on location as much as possible, and luckily, he managed to obtain permission for filming in the Imperial Courts Housing Project—it was the first time that a film was allowed to be shot at the place located on Imperial Highways in Watt, Los Angeles. The street gangs had allowed production in their area of control. Therefore, the production crew filmed in Hoover Block, Baldwin Village, Crenshaw, Hawthorne, and Rampart in South Central Los Angeles.

“The Jungle” that is referred to in the film mostly comprises of the above-mentioned locations. Production designer Naomi Shohan remarked that some of the interior scenes were constructed on stage inspired by the locations around the neighborhood.

Other locations in Los Angeles that served as the filming locations include Everett Street, where Roger’s house is situated. The Quality Coffee Shop at 1238 West 7th Street and the Pacific Dining Car, 1310 West 6th Street, are showcased in the film. The scene where Alonzo forces Jake to consume a drug was filmed in West Temple Street & Glendale Boulevard.

Alonzo and Jake’s conversation on the interstate Highway was shot at Interstate 105 Highway, Inglewood. Interstate Highway 110 is also one of the filming locations for ‘Training Day’. Smiley’s and Sara’s house was filmed in 1932 Thomas Street and Palmwood Drive, respectively. The alley where Jake prevents a sexual assault on a woman is located on 8th Street between South Alvarado Street and South Westlake Avenue.

Apart from the locations mentioned above, ‘Training Day’ features several areas in the urban neighborhood of Los Angeles. The locations include 145 North Toluca Street, Grand Avenue, Santa Clarita, and Baldwin Hills.

The helipad on 240 West Venice Boulevard is where the police briefing is conducted before the raid. The Echo Park and MacArthur Park also served as locations depicting the exploits of both the officers. However, the final scene where Alonzo is killed in a car blast was filmed at the West Imperial Highway and the South La Cienaga Boulevard.

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