Where Was Voyagers Filmed?

‘Voyagers’ is a sci-fi thriller film that revolves around 30 young men and women on a multigenerational space mission to look for a new home for humanity. In order to ensure that mission is successful, the crew is given medication that suppresses their desires. Unfortunately, a few people end up finding out about it, and the entire mission descends into chaos once their primal instincts take over.

Written and directed by Neil Burger, the movie received mixed to average reviews but has been lauded for its thought-provoking themes and social commentary. Interestingly, it was filmed in a manner that viewers find themselves lost in space like the thirty crew members in the film. The hair-raising scenes in the film can makes anyone wonder where the sci-fi thriller was shot. If you too find yourself asking the same question, then we have got you covered.

Voyagers Filming Locations

‘Voyagers’ was filmed entirely in Romania, and the principal photography began in and around mid-2019. The southeastern European country is well-known for its conserved medieval towns like Sighişoara and numerous historically significant monuments, castles, and churches. Bran Castle, which is now a national monument in Romania, has been linked with the legend of Dracula for centuries. Thanks to its numerous well-preserved and relevant historical places, the country has been used as a shooting location for multiple films.

The long list of movie production projects in Romania includes the supernatural horror film ‘The Nun,’ mockumentary ‘Borat 2,’ superhero movie ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,’ Jonah Hill starrer comedy crime drama ‘War Dogs,’ and the psychological thriller ‘Dying of the Light.’ The shooting for ‘Voyagers’ was reportedly limited to only one city in the European country, so without any more speculation, let’s have a look at it.

Bucharest, Romania

The principal shooting for the movie was done in Bucharest. The filming for the movie began in June 2019 and concluded a few months later. Located in the southern part of Romania, Bucharest is a sought-after filming location due to numerous factors like its rich history and cultural monuments and the tax rebate of 35% that significantly decreases production costs. Wern Lee, who essays the role of Tayo in the film, posted a photo on Instagram along with several cast members while they were in Bucharest for the film’s shooting.

The sci-fi thriller actually saved millions of dollars by filming in the southeastern European country. Apart from the attractive tax concessions, Bucharest also offers high-standard equipment and experienced crew that make shooting much easier for foreign filmmakers. Here’s a photo posted by Archie Madekwe featuring himself with the cast members on the sets of ‘Voyagers’ in Bucharest, Romania.

Due to numerous factors that make Bucharest an attractive filming destination, it has been used by several television shows and movies over the years for production. Some well-known films include ‘The World to Come,’ ‘What Happened to Monday,’ ‘The Sisters Brothers,’ ‘The Expendables 3,’ ‘Cold Mountain,’ and ‘Toni Erdmann.’

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