Where Was Walk of Shame (2014) Filmed?

Helmed by Steven Brill of ‘Heavyweights’ fame, ‘Walk of Shame’ is a 2014 comedy film packed with hilarious and scary moments. The story follows the misadventures of newscaster Meghan Miles in the course of a night in downtown LA. Despite her personal and professional life in shambles, Meghan gets hope upon learning about a job interview. However, following a romantic rendezvous with a man, she finds herself without her phone, car, and cash. Chaos ensues. In case you are a fan of the film and are scouring for the locales where the crew filmed the movie, let us walk you through the destinations.

Walk of Shame Filming Locations

‘Walk of Shame’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in California. Filming commenced on January 7, 2013, and wrapped up shortly thereafter. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the movie was filmed.

Los Angeles County, California

The entirety of the film was shot on location in and around the city of LA. The film is set in downtown LA, and the director chose to take the cast and crew to film on the nocturnal streets of the city. In the early shots of the movie, we see Meghan’s house in Brentwood.  The house, however, is actually located in the San Fernando Valley of LA. The specific location is 6300 Orion Avenue in the neighborhood of Van Nuys.

The scenes wherein the girls wind up at a nightclub were filmed in the MyStudio nightclub. Once located at 6623 Hollywood Boulevard, the club is now permanently closed. In a curious conjecture, the club was right in front of the Walk of Fame. A scene features Meghan walking down an alley between the Fenton Building and the venue of the Orpheum Theatre, a major theatre located at 830 South Broadway in downtown LA.

In one scene, Meghan, more drunk than usual, is rescued from a fire escape by bartender Gordon. The fire escape can be located at 833 South Spring Street in downtown LA. Apparently, the location is quite far from where the crew filmed the interior sequences. Later, Meghan goes back to the apartment of the bartender, where they have a nocturnal liaison. The crew filmed the scenes in a building located at 837 Traction Avenue in the Arts District on the eastern edge of downtown LA.

Now, sobered up, Meghan sees her car being towed by a tow truck. In the movie, the truck goes northwest on Traction Avenue. The scenes were also filmed on location. Soon, Meghan finds a reluctant taxi driver who is not of much help. The scene was shot not far from the bartender’s loft, at Traction Avenue and South Hewitt Street.

The hotel seen in the sequence is a small and rustic accommodation called The American Hotel at 303 Hewitt Street in the Arts District of LA. The seeming “strip club” does not exist in reality. The scenes were filmed at the northwest side of the Willow Street & Santa Fe Avenue crossing. The location was nothing but a blank wall, and the crew added neon signs and an entrance to create the illusion.

In the film, there is a scene where Meghan finds a guy chasing her, but he turns out to be a scared jogger. She runs through South Myers Street on the east side of the LA River. In a later scene, Meghan asks for a lift, but the guy driving the car mistakes her for a hooker. The scene was shot at the intersection of Mesquit Street and East 6th Street.

In the next shot, we see a gray and white building behind Meghan. The scene was filmed at 600 South Santa Fe Avenue. After a meeting with another group of hookers, Meghan is seen to be walking under a bridge; the scenes were filmed under the 6th Street bridge. Meghan takes a turn and continues to walk on Mesquit Street.

After an encounter with the cops at Mesquit Street, Meghan meets a drug dealer at North Center Street & Banning Street. The building Meghan is hiding behind can be located at 120 Santa Fe Avenue. To avoid seeing the cops again, the duo runs through the graffiti-covered building at 1001 East 1st Street, just north of the 1st Street bridge. Thankfully enough, one of the guys recognizes Meghan from the newspaper.

After a gunfight between rival gang members erupts, Meghan is escorted by Pookie through the backside. They run through the southern part of Palmetto Street, a bit west of Mateo Street. They reach the Palmetto neighborhood, near Mateo Street. One may briefly spot the red brick building behind Meghan. Well, the scene was filmed in front of 544 Mateo Street.

An aerial shot shows Meghan walking on a freeway. The scene was filmed on West 4th Street Overpass above the Harbor 110 Freeway. Meghan then walks past a Greek Deli. The scene was filmed outside Papa Cristos Greek Deli, a diner located at 2771 West Pico Boulevard. She moves from 1900 West 7th Street to 1924 West 7th Street to find a shopkeeper who recognizes her from the TV.

In one scene, Meghan stops at a plastic penguin and steals the sunglasses. The scenes were filmed outside El Naco Bar at 1912 West 7th Street. An aerial shot showcases a map view of MacArthur Park Lake (originally Westlake) at 2230 West 6th Street in LA.

Meghan then walks west across Alvarado Street, where she meets another crack dealer at 2110 West 7th Street next to MacArthur Park. She walks some more towards 2124 West 7th Street and comes to square one as she rides the bus, which takes her to 2100 block of West 7th Street. The supposed Jewish prayer ceremony was filmed at 2032 Marengo Street in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights, in the city’s eastern region.

The Olympic Branch Public Library, where Meghan spots a bicycle, is actually the Malabar Library, located at 2801 Wabash Avenue in the same neighborhood. In a scene, Gordon is spotted with his car at the intersection of Avery Street and Traction Avenue. Meghan is still on her bicycle going towards West 9th Street east of New Hampshire Avenue in the Koreatown area of LA.

A Korean BBQ Restaurant, located at 901 Vermont Avenue, stood in for the massage parlor. After a failed attempt at evading the police, Meghan bursts out the front entrance of the eatery.

A later scene was filmed at Riverside Drive & Forman Avenue in the Toluca Lake neighborhood near Burbank. Another location featured in the sequence is the Kabosu Japanese restaurant at 10155 Riverside Drive. Meghan moves through Forman Avenue towards the Ventura Freeway overpass. The towing station is actually a car servicing company. The scenes set at the station were filmed at Classic Club Service Inc., a car repair shop situated at 15370 Oxnard Street in Van Nuys.

Towards the end, the KZLA News helicopter takes the protagonist to a soccer field at California State University, Los Angeles, near 5300 Paseo Rancho Castilla. The university is exactly located at 5151 State University Drive in Los Angeles.

In the final scene, Meghan and Gordon have a hearty conversation just outside her workplace. The scenes were recorded at 5784 Sunset Boulevard, at Van Ness Street. Sunset Boulevard is where the movie finally comes to a close.

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