Where Was We Hunt Together Filmed?

The cat-and-mouse chase goes to all new heights in ‘We Hunt Together.’ The suggestive title pits a pair of detectives against a pair of killers. Thus hunting takes on a new meaning – with the killers seeking out their prey, and in turn, being hunted by the good guys. Since the characters are extremely individualistic, there is some friction in both duos. However, the thrilling tale plays out on the dark and neon-lit streets of London – as the game gets increasingly dangerous.

Anyone familiar with the filming process knows that shooting in London is a costly affair, and several shows prefer to film in cities that stand-in for London. So, did ‘We Hunt Together’ go down the same route?

We Hunt Together Filming Locations:

We Hunt Together is primarily set in the East End, and some parts have been filmed in areas like Bethnal Green, Mile End, Dalston, and Epping Forest in London. If you’re a local, some of the places might jump out at you, since they’re quite popular. Among them is Alexandra Palace, located between the Wood Green and Muswell Hill in the London Borough of Haringey. It appears in the pilot episode.

The world-renowned Rivoli Ballroom also makes an appearance. Located at Brockley, London, you might recognize it from movies like ‘The Avengers.’ Here’s a clip of karaoke being performed at the Rivoli Ballroom.

Of course, as the show unravels, we see plenty of other locations – like wooded areas, open fairgrounds. The chase is on, and both sides want to strike first so that the other is taken out of the equation. ‘We Hunt Together’ tries to go beyond the average serial killer show. Instead of focusing on what is happening, the series attempts to unpack what makes a serial killer the way they are. Therefore, there are journeys into the individuals’ pasts – as we see childhood incidents that might have been damaging. As you can see from the images below, there are some shots at a fair – which might be the location of a formative memory.


Eugene Tumusiime, who’s been involved in filming the opening sequence of the show, spoke about the experience. The self-described nightcrawler of London detailed how the red and blue color scheme is used to bring out the forces that are battling on the show. In the tale of the hunter and hunted, London is always foregrounded. Thus, we see taxis, buses, phone boxes, and train stations – things that capture the quintessential core of London. You can check it out here.

‘We Hunt Together’ has creatively used London to become the map where the chase plays out. It wishes to pay homage to the city and the hints of danger that lurks around the corners at night. In any thriller, the location is often considered to be the silent factor that affects the tale. In ‘We Hunt Together’ it is not so silent, but instead commands our attention and amazes us.

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