Where to Watch Lady Ballers Online?

‘Lady Ballers’ is a sports comedy film that revolves around a former high school basketball coach who reunites with his former team, attempting to make them do something different — play like girls in multiple sports. Co-written and helmed by Jeremy Boreing, the movie consists of hilarious onscreen performances from a group of talented actors, including Jeremy Boreing, Daniel Considine, Jake Crain, David Cone, and Blain Crain. The triggering and dark sense of humor associated with the film keeps the viewers entertained from the beginning to the end, which is likely making you curious to learn more about the same.

What is Lady Ballers About?

The plot focuses on a once-great and now down-on-his-luck former high school basketball coach named Coach Rob who returns to coach his former high school basketball team and lead them to victory, just like he did in his prime. However, things have changed and this time, Coach Rob goes to some hilarious lengths and challenges his team of men to wear wigs and take over multiple sports identifying as women. Now that you are intrigued to find out how things turn out for Coach Rob and his team, here are all the ways you can watch the comedy film yourself!

Is Lady Ballers on Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, ‘Lady Ballers’ is not a part of the expansive collection of movies and TV shows on either Netflix or HBO Max. Moreover, even Amazon Prime Video doesn’t house the Jeremy Boreing directorial and starrer. Alternatively, you have the option to turn to similar sports comedy movies on these platforms, such as ‘Champions,’ ‘Hustle,’ and ‘Home Team.’

Is Lady Ballers on Hulu?

We hate to break it to you that ‘Lady Ballers’ is unavailable on Hulu. For subscribers looking to watch something similar, the streamer grants you access to some excellent alternatives, including ‘Sweetwater‘ and ‘White Men Can’t Jump.’

Where to Watch Lady Ballers Online?

‘Lady Ballers’ is available for streaming exclusively on Daily Wire+. However, to get access to the movie, you must subscribe to the platform. To do so, you can sign up for either the Insider Annual subscription at $6.50/month or the All Access subscription at $10.50/month. Besides that, you don’t have any other option to watch the movie, be it by streaming or purchasing. In addition, it is not even released in theaters, which means the only way to catch the hilarious tale unfold is on the above-mentioned platform.

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