Which Are You The One Couples Are Still Together?

MTV’s ‘Are You The One?‘ or simply AYTO? is a series that uses modern-day technology to help 20-plus single men and women find their perfect mates and matches in a season. An algorithm that takes help from in-depth personal interviews, questionnaires, and compatibility tests identifies the ideal pairs among the participants. However, the results of this are kept from the contestants so that they can socially interact with one another and decide on a partner on their own. In the end, if perfect matches are found, they walk out with not only a companion beside them but also with a grand shared cash prize.

With the 8 seasons that have aired till now, we’ve seen a lot of relationships come and go, and now that it’s been a while, we’ve decided to compile a list of the couples who are still together. So, what are you waiting for? Read on!

Ethan and Amber (Season 1)

Ethan and Amber met on the very first season of the show, back in 2014. And, ever since then, they’ve been inseparable. After finding each other during the filming of the series and falling in love in between the challenges, they got engaged during the reunion special. That very same year, they tied the knot in a private ceremony. Now, they’re the proud parents of two daughters, Scarlett and Serena, and work as online bloggers. Even though they’ve been together for years, they’re still infatuated with one another, a fact that is evident from their constant loved up posts on Instagram.


Curtis and Jenni (Season 2)

Even though Curtis Hadzicki and Jenni Knapmiller weren’t a perfect match, they are still going strong. They both pursued different relationships while on AYTO?, with Curtis leaving with Shelby and Jenni walking out with John, but they reconnected after a while and announced their relationship on the reunion episode. Residing in California, the couple does give us a few glimpses of their lives, experiences, and travels on their social media, ensuring us that even though they were not technically a “perfect match,” their love will always prevail. You can check out one of their cute pictures, with an even cuter caption below:


Clinton and Uche (Season 6)

How can we ever forget the power couple of season six? They weren’t a perfect match either, but by the finale, their bond was one that had become unbreakable. Even though Clinton’s match was with Geles Rodriguez and Uche’s was with Joe Torgerson, neither couple wanted to have an intimate relationship, and so, Clinton and Uche ended up together. Now, the personal trainer and the Wilhelmina model are engaged and planning for a life together. Clinton got down on one knee to propose to the love of his life in June, exactly three years after he first laid eyes on her. If you want to see more of them, make sure to check out their YouTube channel.


Cali and Tomas (Season 7)

The season 7 couple found a deep connection with each other among all the different challenges and personalities back in 2018, in Kona, Hawaii. According to their Instagram feeds, it looks like Cali Trepp has left her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Miami, Florida, to live with her boyfriend and to foster their relationship perfectly. When this couple shares each other on social media, its a blend between romance and teasing – making it obvious that their relationship is just as fun as it is serious.


We know that the following couples didn’t technically meet while filming their respective seasons on the series, but we think that it’s important for you to know that even they have found love with one another.

Cam and Carolina

Cam Bruckman from season 4 is currently engaged to Carolina Duarte from season 5. And, according to Carolina’s social media, the couple plan on getting married next year.


Ozzy and Nutsa

Ozzy Morales from San José, Costa Rica, a season 5 contestant, ended up getting involved with season 7’s Nutsa Sikharulidze, from New Jersey.


Joe and Mikala

Joe Torgerson from season 6 is currently in a serious relationship with Mikala Thomas from season 4. You can see their relationship progression on their social media and on her YouTube channel.


Anthony and Shannon

Not only are Anthony Martin from season 6 and Shannon Duffy from season 5 currently in a very happy and stable relationship with one another, but they are also expecting a baby girl very soon.


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