Who Is 90 Day Fiance’s Kara Bass’ Ex-Boyfriend?

Although touted as a dating reality show, TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ offers us a window into the lives of US citizens engaged to foreign nationals. The main series focuses on each couple’s journey once the foreign partner lands in the United States after obtaining a K-1 visa. While the visa offers a foreign citizen 90 days to get married, it is difficult to settle all issues within that time, especially since both partners subscribe to different habits and customs. Still, with their futures on the line, we get to witness how each pair tries to iron out problems in their own unique way.

When Kara Bass and Guillermo Roger were introduced on ’90 Day Fiance’ season 9, fans believed they had a promising future ahead of them. However, once Guillermo came over to the United States, trouble began rearing its ugly head, and a meeting with his fiancee’s ex-boyfriend further affected his thoughts. Let’s delve into Kara’s previous relationship and find out who her ex-boyfriend is, shall we?

Who Is Kara’s Ex-Boyfriend Kris?

While on ’90 Day Fiance,’ viewers got to witness Kara and Guillermo set up decorations for Kara’s high school reunion. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Kara appeared quite controlling and seemed to lose her temper when things did not go her way. In one instance, Guillermo mentioned that he wanted to distribute the star-shaped balloons to kids. Yet, since Kara wanted to hang them up as decorations, she got angry and ended up destroying the balloons altogether.

Interestingly, while at the high school reunion, Kara came across her high school ex-boyfriend, Kris, whom she had not met in a long time. According to the show, Kris was quite athletic in high school and very much into sports, but at present, he earns a living as a rapper. Moreover, Kara even mentioned that she broke up with Kris about ten years prior because the relationship was not “conducive with her soul.’ Still, Kris was amicable with Kara, although he was much more interested in meeting and befriending Guillermo.

Once the two men met, Kris went on to describe his experience with Kara and mentioned how their relationship was wild. The ex-couple seemingly won everything, starting from best-dressed to homecoming king and queen, and allegedly were even caught getting intimate by Kara’s mother. Nevertheless, once the talk turned to their relationship, Kris mentioned that Kara is highly controlling, and Guillermo hesitatingly agreed. Kara tried to defend herself by claiming she has aspirations and dreams, but her ex-boyfriend claimed that she is bound to lose her mind if things do not go her way. Interestingly, Kris even advised Guillermo to say “no” to Kara is he was not on board with her wishes, but the foreign national did not seem up to the task.

However, once Guillermo broached the question of Kara and Kris’s breakup, Kris mentioned that Kara had cheated on him with another guy. The rapper went on to elaborate further and stated that he was checking her phone when he found out the truth and immediately decided to get out of Kara’s life. Surprisingly, Kara appeared to have no memory of such an occurrence and only remembered parts of it when questioned by a producer later. Still, it was pretty difficult for Guillermo to accept the fact that his fiancee had cheated, and he seemed concerned about their future.

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